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Why Blogging?

Many people start blogging just because of money but it is not just about money but much more. If you see it in the bigger picture today. I will uncover the whole blogging model after this you might take a right step

Advantages of blogging

There are many advantages of blogging direct as well as indirect. I will discuss the core advantages of blogging:

Audience building

Through blogging, You can build a highly targeted audience especially when you build a very targeted blog which I am going to discuss later in this blog. You can build an audience through an email list or redirect them to social media profiles.


Blogging is still one of the best ways to rank on google which helps in doing organic marketing of a product or service. If marketing is your main mission then targeting buyer and local keywords are one of the best ways.

Spreading knowledge

If you were someone like me who want to spread the knowledge then also this is one of the best way to do so as it just requires a computer and the internet with a Grammarly extension ( If you are someone with grammar mistake like me Just kidding ! ) most probably this the best reason to start a blog, not money (For starting)


Of course, ultimately the main motive behind blogging is to make money and it is 100% possible if you do it in the right way will talk about this later as this blog is huge and in-depth as usual

Factors affecting blogs’ rank

After You understand what is blogging then the first question that comes to mind is How to start and How to rank on google. I am assuming that most people who know how to start will still discuss it in the later part of the blog.

But first, let’s see How to rank on google ( Trust me it is a lengthy process with no guarantee it takes time and hard work to see results but these points can help achieve it quicker )

Great Content

First of all, it is your content and how well you have written it. Also, images, infographics, stats everything you can include. Most marketers believe in long content of 2000+ words at least but it is not always the case make sure you finish the search intent of your audience.

On-Page SEO

There are a lot of things that come under on-page SEO but I recommend doing all the basic things that I list perfectly and your work is done

  • Title and Meta Description ( Include keywords )
  • Grammar Check
  • Interlinking
  • Proper images with alt tags
  • Paragraph length shorten
  • Page speed

You can also check these with many free tools and plugins like Yoast, Rank math, semrush, and many more SEO tools.

Keyword Research

Simply at starting, I say you should target around 500-1000 volume keywords and also include related keywords in the whole blog

You can use any keyword research tool to make sure that the article targets the perfect keyword and finishes search intent.

For products and services target buyer keywords like “best webflow service agency in India”

Off-page SEO

This is the most difficult part of blogging and as per my suggestion this is a continuous learning topic but there is only one thing consistent in this field which is Link building and I am sharing some of the ways to create it

  • Guest post
  • Outreach
  • Create a tool

These 3 are the best techniques also I recommend first creating great content to build authority and then trying to build links as it is the right approach

The dark side of blogging

There are many bad myths about blogging and I am going to break them this time and also suggest you some good solutions

Automatic Blogs and event blogging scams

This time has been gone there is no such shortcut as getting money through auto news websites and events even if you earn some money it will die soon.

In my opinion, News is totally different from blogging there is no connection at all.

Instant results

Nope blogging takes time and there is no instant result yes you can get some initial traffic will discuss it later

Fake Courses

There are many fake courses and funnels which guarantee success simple they want money in form of courses or affiliate marketing

Before buying any course research about the owner and buy from someone who has already done it.

Different types of blogging Strategies

There are tons of bloggers with varieties of blogging strategies on how they run their blogs and today I am going to list some best tactics

Micro niche Blogging

Simply it means choosing the smallest category and owning it completely it requires less time but income is limited they can gradually expand on a similar category afterward.

There are also Event Blogs and Launch Jack Blogs but they are very unstable micro niche blogs.

Large category

Some, Niches like SEO, Finance, and Tech are large niches and need huge expertise or I would say the budget to own it completely and take much time but there is no limitation on earning at all.

Service-based blogging

This type of blog writes a blog just to attract organic people for their product and generally nurture their clients and target a specific group of people who can purchase their products or services.

Personal Blog

This type of blog is made to share an individual own knowledge and grow their personal audience which I am aiming too. You have to make the best content in your expertise for gaining trust and influence people.

Combination Blog

Some blogs just expand and combine altogether and make it large one of the best examples is Neil Patel’s blog owns his personal brand, agency, and tool and also ranks for competitive SEO and marketing niche.

Platform to start blogging

There are many platforms and all have their special advantages and disadvantages.

I am listing some of them here:

  • Blogger (Free but not recommended by me at all)
  • WordPress (best for blogging)
  • Wix (A low-cost alternative but less SEO capability)
  • Shopify (If you want to sell some products side by side but with less SEO capability)
  • Webflow (For unique design and service or micro-niche less SEO capability)
  • Apart from them there are 100+ platforms but Would recommend one of the above. Even you can use free platforms that allow custom domain.

Ways of earning through Blog

I put this last because I don’t want you to start blogging just for the money it will need much hard work to earn it and can be treated as a side hustle but once you get some initial boost treat it as a real business only.

Ads Revenue

Mostly, People use AdSense but there is also a good alternative basically ads are good for someone who wants to blog forever but there is some other good alternative too.

Affiliate marketing

No doubt this is the best method to earn money from a blog it basically means selling someone else products for some commission to your audience

Make sure the product you are promoting is genuine and also related it will help you for sure but don’t overdo it.

Your product or service

It can be anything and you have to try to rank articles where your buyers are and you must have a good funnel to close them.

Most bloggers sell their Digital products with the help of a digital product platform.

Sponsor and direct advertisement

This usually happens when a blog or website generates enough traffic there are huge opportunities to target your niche by brands so they pay you directly for ads.

Guest post and links

Well, I don’t recommend it but if you are in need of money then can do so. You can ask for a good guest post in exchange for a link if not money.

Well, there are many other ways but these 4 are primary and best.

Quick Tips to grow fast

  • Use Grammarly and AI tools to produce content fast and better ( Can also use voice type)
  • Follow the ethics (No shortcuts)
  • Focus on upcoming high volume keywords
  • Promote Your Content with an omnichannel approach
  • Update Old blogs
  • Once you earn reinvest to outsource content production
  • Communicate with your audience


There is a lot to learn for me as well as all in blogging and this is continue learning as algorithms, trends, and technology change. For beginners, this is the best way to start.

I want to make this guide complete and want you to share your ideas, questions, and techniques you follow and to be part of it.

Will love to reply to all

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