15+ Free website builders that allow custom domain

Looking for a way to host a website that allows custom domains. well, there are some options and website builders and good SEO friendly options to can look for:

Why Free allow Custom domain?

See, If you want a temporary solution and don’t want to invest in hosting and have a domain already you can go with this Option. Otherwise, you can Check out paid option as they are much better to use them

Now let’s Explore all the possible options to host your website for free with a custom domain.

Free cloud hosting Credits

Well, almost all famous cloud hosting has some free plans and all allow custom domains. It is a little technical but there are many tutorials available to do so.

Google Cloud Hosting

Google has a simple credit system of hosting straight for a year easily with their cloud system. You cannot aspect much more speed or storage in a free plan but can host a WordPress or custom small website with 5k-10k per month traffic easily.

Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS also has an offer of 1 Year of free cloud hosting to start with working with amazon may have some learning curve but not that difficult. Have a look at some of the tutorials on youtube. Also, they have a startup program for huge free credit so can apply if you want.

Digital Ocean

Digital ocean is the easiest cloud hosting to use will get instant app deploy options like WordPress or Joomla and they time to time bring a free credit scheme so you can check if you get one or try going with an affiliate link if someone may get 3 months – 1 year free credits.


Vultr is also a similar type of cloud hosting provider like digital ocean easy to use and start and also gives one-time free credits to start with. So if you have a domain can connect and start your online journey easily.


Comparatively new but a good choice to host your website. Personally Being Indian I have never used Alibaba cloud hosting but have seen a good review and they have a pretty good free plan. Still would recommend not to use it if you are from a country like India or USA mainly due to security reasons.

Free Landing Builder

Some of the best free landing page builders that allow custom domains are:


Ucraft is a free website builder that surprisingly allows custom domains. This builder is pretty good for a 5-10 Page website or a new blog but would have to face that annoying Ucraft branding on the website with the free version so if you are comfortable you can go with it.

Google Sites

Google site is another website builder and probably one of the best options for building a website for free. If you want a lifetime free landing page or a company local website it can be a good option not suitable for blogging or extensive work.


Site.pro is a very unpopular website builder because of its design and old look but many marketers use it for free to make landing pages and can make decent websites using it totally free with a custom domain.

Microsoft Smart Page

So, Google has a websites builder so Microsoft made an own version of it with some more features than google’s site builder. It is new but can make a decent website or landing page using that.

Free Sales Funnel Builder

Sales Funnel are great for any builder and there are some good sales funnel that are very powerful and allow custom domain integrations

Groove Funnels

The best option is to make any type of website on this list. It has 20+ cool features and it is free to host 3 sites with custom domains. They will try to show many offers and annoy you but if you ignore you can make a powerful website using it more design-wise but functionality-wise.

Get Response

An email marketing and lead magnet tool that has launched their own landing page builder and also allows custom domain on the free plan best for capturing leads till 2000 subscribers after that they will charge you but 2000 Leads will surely boost up your project. Lol kidding but it is true

Free Ecommerce Platform that allow custom domain

If you are looking for a free website for e-commerce and have a domain to start with here are some of the options to start with.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a well-known e-commerce platform for selling anything online and they have a free plan with many benefits to start your online journey. It is best for creating a minimal small e-commerce store for an artist or up to 5 products store.


This is only for the USA or limited countries but can be a good free powerful e-commerce alternative to any platform and can start your journey there easily. Being from India I have never used it before so can’t say much about it.


Branchbob is very under-rated e-commerce also being totally free to use with great features. If you say what’s the best free option in this list I will say branchbob for sure. You can start your store can also connect custom domains completely free.


Gumroad is a platform for selling digital products and it is commission base and free to start also you have the option to integrate it with any domain of your choice even a subdomain works well. Also, It has all the features a digital products e-commerce platform should have.

Other Hosting

There are many other hosting and platforms that allow the use of the custom domain. Some of them are listed below:

I don’t recommend such hosting at all but can use it for development purposes.


If you have a custom-coded website then Netlify is a free place to host it also it has many features and allows the custom domains to connect. It has a slightly complicated process but is not hard can be learned through a tutorial.


Blogger is a free blogging platform made by Google but it can be used by a beginner blogger as free hosting and can be connected by a domain and avoid hosting charges for some time. Blogger or any free website builder listed here have some disadvantages too.


Tumblr is similar to blogger but a complete social media type website platform here also you can connect your domain for free and can start your online presence. Still, it is better to go with a blogger but this is also and options too.


000Webhost is a free hosting provider and it from a while but for sure it is not for hosting purposes. Can be used to show awesome free demo WordPress on your own subdomain or domain. Also, Can be used for the landing pages with Zyro Builder too.


Similar to 000webhost they also provide a website hosting space that allows connection of 1 domain and 3 subdomains can be used also client website projects or as a small website hosting with limited traffic.


If you are forced to use a free hosting that allows custom domain due to budget issues or want a simple website then this option can be good otherwise go with some paid options.

Miss an option comment below will include if legit.

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