Best Wix/Editor x website development Services

Are you looking for Wix/EditorX services, Then you are at the right place to check out my services and get the right direction?

Price May Vary according to the project this is my pricing estimate:

Points to Note:

  • No Domain, Hosting and any other plugins charges included (Paid Separately will provide you access then you can update it to premium and you have full control)
  • A proper Contract will be made with a 50% Upfront fee
  • For Redesign, Speed Optimization or SEO Optimization contact me too.
  • Editor X Charges Will maybe a little Higher
  • English and Hindi Language
  • Although, Wix is simple and doesn’t require maintenance still I provide any help in the future or maintain your website at a nominal monthly charge and day Monthly Audit.
  • All Payment methods Available are Paypal, UPI, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

My Reviews 4.9 out of 5

Why Wix and Editorx?

First of all Wix and editor x are different and I don’t know why but they are mixing them and confusing everyone.

Basically, Wix is similar to WordPress and has built-in CMS and many other plugins to optimize the website whereas editorx is similar to webflow but both are as powerful and feature-ready so where Wix and editor x stand out

Wix is for someone or a company that wants easy use website design and a centralized approach as Wix is a self-hosted platform and there is no way you can transfer it in the future.

But it is great at the beginning or for someone who wants don’t have any technical knowledge.

Should you outsource it

I don’t recommend any high-cost agency for just a simple Wix website but you can hire someone to integrate or improve your design, especially for editor X, and recommend taking care of these things

Especially as Wix seems simple but any issue made by mistake can significantly reduce conversion, Speed, or SEO ranking so it is nice to outsource it.

What all include

If you are outsourcing a Wix development you must also ask for extra services like initial SEO, Custom design, and email or sale funnel integrations to make a bundled service and then ask for the service cost and the time it will take

As, setup is not a big deal here design, smooth UX, SEO and integration are necessary for Wix but Editor X works differently and here you should also focus on setup.

Handling and after-sale service

Handling and transferring websites in Wix is simple and can be can by a partner account and mostly every Wix developer has its main key point is after-sale service what is their maintenance cost and what all is included.

I have developed over 25 Wix and editor x websites and it has the most easy-to-use partner program and website management tools.

Do they have a proper contract and proposal?

As, I always say go with someone who gives a proper proposal and have a contract before starting will be professional and know their work and limitation perfectly and you can trust them no matter it is an individual, a small team, or a big MNC agency.

The average cost of development?

Now, this is a tricky question as I always say it depends. But as always I will give you an estimate:

For a big agency it can be 2000$ + and individual or small team it may be 100$ + too and there is no upper limit depending on the type of website. Remember Editor X charges will be higher than normal Wix editor.

It can be even low if you just want a template to modify and mostly any good buyer understands the value not the cost so If you want Quality with a good price I can help you out.

Some FAQs

Is Wix good for making websites?

Yes, for some businesses no for others will provide suggestions as per your requirement once you send me a brief.

What are Wix Hosting Plans?

They Depend from country to country and they also run many promotions that can reduce it up to 50% once you avail of my service I will give you the best coupons available to reduce any cost and suggest you best plan for your business.

What solutions does Wix Provide?

Through Wix, they have many solutions like the blog, E-commerce, restaurant & hotels, Service websites, Landing Page, Sales Funnel, etc. Will give you complete information as required.