Best WordPress website development Services

Looking for a wordpress development service. Well, this is the perfect resource for your search Go through these services and find a perfect solution.

First of all, the price listed here is estimated and may vary according to the project :

Points to Note:

  • Domain, Hosting, and premium plugin cost are not included. You have to manage it will migrate the site to your desired hosting or will suggest the best hosting according to your needs.
  • 50% Upfront with proper contact for work security.
  • For the redesign, speed optimization, SEO, or any other WordPress service specifically then pricing may vary so mention it when quoting.
  • For Maintenance of the site, I take a nominal monthly charge for changes and audits. (Most probably not required as WordPress is easy to use and maintain and will provide a guided tour for your website)

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Why WordPress?

Well, WordPress is the best free open source CMS with thousands of plugins ready to enhance your website.

If you are looking for a blog, e-commerce, portfolio, LMS, or forum everything can be built on wordpress.

Apart from this, it provides valuable integration to automate many processes of your website as there is no better easy-to-use solution for doing multiple things on a website.

Advantages of Outsourcing WordPress work.

There are multiple advantages of outsourcing wordpress website development. Let me mention some of them here:


It saves your in-house time for building a site especially when you want your site to go live faster with no mistakes.


It brings all expertise like which theme to choose, how to increase the speed, how to link each page properly, Design of the website, Plugins to choose, and Initial SEO of the website thus it is recommended to outsource website development.


Proper guidance for choosing a good hosting, Implementation plan, Future possibilities, branding, and maintaining the design style on the website.

Necessary features

It is important to understand what exactly you will get after hiring an agency or an individual especially when your budget is limited and fixed.

Value Pricing

Are they ready to give a value package and don’t have a fixed package like 5 pages 100$ as it becomes useless as every website needs are different?

The simple way is to be clear on budget, time, and expectation and then according to it, you proceed.

What all included

Do they include full website creation with all necessary themes, plugins, and SEO and there are many factors to determine according to website requirements?

What other services and their price?

Some agencies or individuals who offer hosting and maintenance do charge extra services which are sometimes better and sometimes not. Let me explain why

You lose control of your website domain, will not be able to move on to another provider, and may charge you high for extra features in the name of simple changes it is good for static websites but mostly it is not acceptable.

I personally deliver their website and give them full control over their website and suggest them easy use hosting, give them guidance on using it well wordpress is for a while and mostly everyone knows how to use it properly.

Do they have a proper contract and proposal?

Having a proposal and contract to ensure the credibility of the agency or individual. Their proposal should include the time it will take, what plugins, themes, and software they are using if they are free or paid also any extra charges.

The proposal also includes communication channels and time, revisions, money division, and much more.

The contract is mostly for sellers’ protection it is necessary as this is a service industry and a good buyer understands it very well.

What is the average charge?

Mostly it depends on expertise and website requirement and also the time it will take and many factors but it can start from 100$ to as much as it can

If the buyer is serious about business it is not about money it is about the value and solution they get and also trust.

After reading this article I think you have to understand that there is no such thing as everyone has specialty and disadvantages and you have to make a decision. I would prefer if your budget is over 3000$ and want something new then go with a high review agency expert in that niche.

If your budget and time are fixed for development and want something already build or redesign projects like a blog, e-commerce, LMS, or Service website and want proper design, navigation, and automation then you can go with an individual or small team.


What’s better Coding or a WordPress website?

If you want to build a general website like service, blog, e-commerce, LMS, etc then it is better to go with wordpress than going with a high-cost custom website.

What is the best WordPress Hosting?

It depends according to your project will provide the best solution according to your requirement. Still, if you want an overview check the best website hosting provider.

Is there any alternative to WordPress?

WordPress is still the most relevant website builder still there are some specific website builders like Wix, Shopify, webflow, Squarespace, etc that you can explore.