Best Shopify Development Services

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The pricing mentioned here is estimated it may vary from project to project:

Point to Note:

  • Domain, hosting, or any special premium theme or plugins are paid separately.
  • Proper Contract and 50% upfront payment I take as market standards and for work security.
  • For any specific service like SEO, speed optimization, or bug fixing contact too.

My reviews 4.5 out of 5

Why Shopify?

If you are looking for a highly advanced and easy-to-use e-commerce store website then Shopify is the best solution to create your website.

It has many themes free as well as paid also many plugins and integration for automation and advanced features

It is good but a little costly in comparison to alternatives but worth it as per the value and comfort it provides there are millions of stores hosted on Shopify

Why Outsourcing Shopify Work?

There are multiple advantages of hiring a development agency or a freelancer. Let me mention some of them here:


It saves time for building an e-commerce site and you can focus on other aspects of e-commerce like marketing, production, research, etc.


It brings expertise like which theme to choose, optimizing images, how to link each page properly, Perfect design according to branding and theme, Initial SEO, high converting layouts, and much more


Proper guidance on optimizing the e-commerce website and its design for high conversion and support at any time.

Things to take care

It is important to understand this point before choosing an agency or an individual for the project. So that you choose the right:

Value Pricing

I always prefer you should work with someone who has the industry knowledge and know the real value of the project instead of fixing prices as every website need different stuff.

All Features

What all things they will do as there are many things like designing, Editing product photos according to the site, Updating product other than just website design so have to discuss the full scope of work before.

Some agencies and freelancers also have after-sales services and bundle services that they offer after doing work to increase cost and exploit clients.

They should do this all upfront not afterward like what will be the cost of maintaining the site afterward if they do so and what is all included in it.

Do they have a proper contract and proposal?

Having a proposal and contract to ensure the credibility of the agency or individual. Their proposal should include the time it will take, what plugins, themes, and software they are using if they are free or paid also any extra charges.

The proposal also includes communication channels and time, revisions, money division, and much more.

The contract is mostly for sellers’ protection it is necessary as this is a service industry and a good buyer understands it very well.

What is the average charge?

Mostly it depends on expertise and website requirement and also the time it will take and many factors but it can start from 100$ to as much as it can

If the buyer is serious about business it is not about money it is about the value and solution they get and also trust.

There is no such thing as everyone has their specialty and expertise and they are charged and given value accordingly. As per my preference if you have a custom theme and highly advanced features and then go with someone who is a master in liquid language coding mostly will cost more money and time.

If you just need the design to look great and easy to use navigation then you can hire an individual or small team as it will be cost-effective and will take less time.