Best AI SEO tool | 10X your results (Review and Compared)

What if you get all SEO tactics and optimization in one place that is what AI SEO tools do and suggest the best ways to optimize your content

What are the best AI SEO tools

When It comes to finding the best AI SEO Tools it should consider how old it is, what features it has, Is it easy to use, where they collect data, the language support, and much more. I have listed all the best AI SEO tools based on my personal and clients’ experience

Best AI SEO tool | 10X your results (Review and Compared)

Surfer SEO

One of the most popular and feature ready AI-powered SEO tool

Best AI SEO tool | 10X your results (Review and Compared)

Post Pace

A new and emerging AI SEO tool with the best pricing among all

Best AI SEO tool | 10X your results (Review and Compared)


A Feature ready and highly optimize SEO AI tool best for medium to large business

Best AI SEO tool | 10X your results (Review and Compared)


Having a wordpress site rank math content AI would be the best option

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is the oldest and most popular AI on-page optimization tool and as you know AI tools keep getting better as time passes thus surfer SEO has the best outcomes compared to others with advanced features.

Its plans start with 49$ per month and go up as you want

Features Include:

  • AI Content writer
  • AI content optimization
  • Page score and improvement suggestions
  • Keyword research and suggestions
  • Competitor analysis
  • NPL Optimize
  • Also, some free tools and extensions to get started

I would definitely recommend this tool as it will be best to get started


Frase is another popular AI-based SEO tool a direct alternative to surfer SEO featured packed with much better UI and ease of use.

Pricing starts at 44.99$ per month and above with an SEO add-on

Features Includes:

  • Ai based content brief and ideas generation
  • Content Scoring and editing
  • Powerful collaboration options
  • Integrations
  • SEO is as additional add-ons over plan contain the keyword and SERP research, and AI writer

I recommend it if you have the budget and willing to pay for an add-on too

Rank Math

Rank math is a free wordpress plugin that has similar AI content improving features it is free to start for 5 posts or pages and later requires a pro version for more credits it has per year affordable plans to get started a complete SEO solution for wordpress site.

Rank math has so many features but currently, I am talking about their Content AI it requires credits as you go

Features Includes:

  • Focused keywords related suggestions
  • On-page recommendations like internal linking
  • Links and questions suggestions

Basically, it makes the work much easier for a wordpress user

Post Pace

Post pace is an emerging AI SEO tool that has capabilities to complete with any other tools on this list also it is very easy to use with affordable pricing starting at 17$ per month.

Feature Includes:

  • Content Optimization
  • NPL keywords and topic gaps
  • On-page SEO suggestion
  • Content planner
  • SEO audit
  • Support 14 languages

It is still an emerging AI SEO tool but it is value for money currently and will continue to improve


Most featured-packed AI SEO tool at their base plans has all features already accessible that any other SEO tool on this list has. Although you have to pay for how many pieces of content you optimize also AI-generated words limit

Its Pricing starts at 40$ per month and goes up as you want

Features Include:

  • Everything from SEO optimization to AI Content writing
  • SEO heatmaps and NPL terms
  • Internal linking and on-page SEO suggestions
  • Collaboration

If you have a budget and want to use all features from the base plan then this is the only platform that can fulfill your needs

Page Optimizer Pro

A powerful AI SEO tool dedicated to improving on-page SEO at its best it doesn’t have any AI writing features but all SEO features start at 22$ per month and go up as you want

Features Includes:

  • Content score and editor
  • Page structure suggestions
  • Schema, SERP, and keyword optimizations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Supports 61 Languages

It is like an agency owns tool focused on on-page optimization you can also take their SEO services


Writer Zen is a more writing-focused AI tool it contains better features for improving content as well as SEO features and content scoring.

Pricing starts at 27$ per month and has credits addons. Also, from time to time bring sales on Appsumo

Features Includes:

  • Keywords research
  • AI content generations and Ideas generator
  • Content optimization suggestions and scoring
  • Powerful plagiarism checker

You can go with it if you need a more writing-focused tool with some SEO included

Why AI SEO tool

Mainly it is used to write and optimize blog content for on-page SEO and semantic SEO. It makes work on on-page SEO very easy.

Apart from that reducing content errors and finding new content ideas for the particular keywords is also

Don’ts of AI SEO tools

Depending entirely on these tools doesn’t work either you have to be different than others also don’t obsess about doing a 100% score just try to make it green and add as much value as possible in the content

In my personal experience, these tools fail somewhat when it comes to optimizing e-commerce or service-based pages so make sure you also take care of other aspects of SEO.

You can use Grammarly for checking plagiarism and give your content a human touch not just optimize for search engines


Which is the best tool for AI?

In my opinion, currently, Surfer and frase are the best options apart from that other’s on the list are great alternatives.

Which is the most powerful AI SEO tool?

If you just need max features outranking would be the best choice although it is quite expensive.

How to use AI SEO tools?

They are generally used for on-page optimization and content writing many people have seen good results.

Is AI-optimized content supported?

It depends on how you use it remember content should be original and have a human touch not keyword-stuffed you using it in limits help otherwise may be considered spam.

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It is an excellent choice to use AI SEO tools if you have a budget and you can choose any of the above as per your requirements.

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