About Me

I am Jay Raval, a Content Creator, and solopreneur. I love reviewing and exploring online tools and various money-making business ideas

Jay Raval

My Story

Quiet Interestingly, I started as a freelance blogger and website and many other digital marketing-related service provider and started online businesses at an early age and gained knowledge about tools and strategies but it would be more interesting if I did so while showing everyone,

Especially the Indian audience as things work very differently in India I see fake content and scam Course Sellers everywhere and there is a clear gap for good content

So, I decided to start my own content creation journey. I am currently producing content in Hindi and want to educate people about online businesses and tools in entertaining ways

This Blog is dedicated to an International Audience as it is easy to translate my blogs via Google Translate for everyone. For every content I produce, I make a more detailed blog around it

I also love to play Chess and have a good Interest in Web 3 Gaming as well

Some Interesting Things to Know About Me

I Don’t believe in unpractical types of content only practical stuff with proper information

I like being futuristic and also ready to explore the possibilities

I Don’t Promote any type of gambling or things that are unethical even if you throw any money

I strongly believe in seeing from all perspectives and situations.