How to Increase Website Traffic (Latest Methods)

There are many ways of increasing traffic to a website. I will go into all types of traffic and show you how to increase website traffic in the right way.

Also here from traffic, I am referring to real users, not bot-generated traffic. Bot-generated traffic is harmful, Also spam real user traffic is meaningless.

Types of Traffic

There are multiple types of traffic and you have to work and invest accordingly to get more eyeballs to your website. There is only the key to a successful website that is bringing consistent high qualify qualified traffic

You can focus on the best traffic source and do build others side by side. This will help you to build a consistent flow of real user traffic

Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic means users that come through search engines like Google, Bing, or any other search engine. This is generally gained once your content or any other type of page ranks on google or any other search engine for specific terms or queries

Such organic traffic is generally the most lucrative and long-term but also required time and effort to generate such consistent traffic

Now, how to increase organic traffic. For this, you will need to take care of many different factors broadly SEO and Your Content is what you need to optimize for that you will need to optimize your website for

  • On page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • If local businesses then also Local SEO

I have a complete guide on all of them

But remember this is a continuous process you will require to improve your content creation and SEO optimization on regular basis but it will give you long-term benefits

What type of businesses should focus on this method almost all types of businesses can work on this approach except your website target something that no one search for like some retail products website no one will search for something that they can buy in second on nearby Store or Online Marketplaces.

Paid Traffic

There are multiple platforms from which you can generate traffic using paid methods like Google ads, Fb ads, or even Pinterest ads

You will need to pay to generate traffic to your website and bring users until you pay for it otherwise not so a short-term and predictable way of generating traffic

Paid has its own pros and cons mainly pros are you will get a highly targeted audience if done correctly and Expenses and Income can be predictable, Cons are simple if you stop paying traffic gone

Also, Running Paid ads is not easy at all you need to be very careful from ads types to even ads copy and continuously scale winning ads and shut bad performing ads, testing new ads, and much more involves

So, Who should use Paid Ads, and most importantly when to use paid ads? Similar to SEO any business can use paid ads except for some restricted categories mainly in the health and adult niche.

You can use paid ads for initial traffic or run ads aggressively if you get results If you can spend 1$ + your other expenses and still can keep profits you can surely go with it and scale it up

Social Traffic

Everyone has a social media presence nowadays from a brand to individuals but very few can convert their social media followers and eyeballs and redirect them to their own website organically.

Many big influencers and brands have created millions of dollars using the same method of using their social media to bring traffic to their own products or service website

Who should use this method, Answer is almost all, Yes it works perfectly fine for almost all types of the website when done correctly but more that you first need to learn social media marketing and increase your reach on a single or multiple social media platforms in your niche

Once you have a niche or even general following then you simply have to show them what you sell and provide value ultimately you will get qualified website traffic and leads

Referral Traffic

As the name suggests referral traffic means when a website refers you via a link or a mention such traffic is called referral traffic. Generally, such traffic is very less and can be generated when you do off-page SEO optimization of your website

But this type of traffic is qualified and has high intentions to purchase or become leads

You can get your website listed on your industry top website and directory to get such traffic but should not only consider this source as not sustainable at all

You may take traffic as an additional source of traffic

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic means when a user directly enters your URL and comes to your website such traffic is already warm and knows your website.

Generating Direct traffic is directly related to your website’s usefulness and experience in your customer’s view and becomes your repeat visitors

Big and established brands mainly have direct website traffic due to their quality of website business capabilities.

There are a few points to increase direct traffic:

  • Give your website URL to each promo material or content you provide.
  • Collect customer data and send them reminders and get them back to your website
  • Create an extraordinary value so they come repetitively like a loyalty program or free newsletter and there are many different things

Every website should try to increase there direct traffic so you get loyal traffic eventually

FAQs about Increasing Website Traffic

Best way to Increase website traffic?

There is no single source of traffic that magically, bring traffic to your website, yes but you can build a focused traffic source and other small sources accordingly

What is the best type of traffic?

The one that brings the most number of conversions and leads is the traffic source you should focus on and scale


Hope you got an idea of how a successful website gets qualified traffic consistently and what all are the different types of traffic and how to approach your strategy

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