How to choose a Website Builder?

The first step when creating a website is to choose the website builder so that you can create and maintain the website with minimal coding and without any custom development

What to take care of while choosing a website builder?

Check this before making any decision so that you are safe and know where to go and what to take care of :

Check Hosted or Self hosted

There are two types of website builders Self-hosted and hosted. There are many differences between them:


As the name suggests they are hosted by the company. They are SAAS company building website builders to offer as a service. There are pros and cons of such website builders.


  • Mostly everything is easy to use and Pre-build
  • Safe hosting no technical needs
  • No security issues
  • new quick updates
  • Innovations and improvements


  • Have limited Features as companies want
  • No further advance modification is possible
  • Technical SEO optimization is under companies’ control

Few Examples like WIX, Shopify, Square Space, etc. Here is the list of best website builder


You will need hosting to use such a website builder. Mostly these are open source and accessible for all and there are many advanced options for further improvement the only issue with such website builders is security and you have to manage to host yourself

One of the best such website builders is WordPress apart from that Magento and Joomla are other such solutions

You can check the best website hosting if you choose to with it


All website builders have their own different features and use you have to choose according to your need example if you need to make an LMS website you can’t go with Shopify as they have mostly e-commerce-related features.

Apart from that, it must have:

  • Easy to use drag and drop option
  • Security options
  • SEO options
  • Different integrations
  • Further advancement and coding option
  • All necessary features like SSL, Domain connection, All elements, etc.

Speed and SEO

Website speed and SEO are crucial when it comes to optimizing your website so make sure the website builder you choose passes all core web vitals and also has maximum SEO features from the simple title, meta description, and alt options to Schema’s, sitemap, and much more.

You must check bandwidth limits, server locations, server technology, and CDN support to make sure you give get the best speed as it is an important ranking factor for google

Your Budget

All website builder has multiple pricing according to your requirements you should choose one that has every feature you need and also which matches your budget

You can use these tactics to get better deals to buy for a long time it will become cheaper, add coupons, check for add-ons to avoid extra charges


If you are choosing a hosted website builder or hosting provider for a self-hosted website builder then make sure it has support. You check their Help forum, reviews, and support options to make sure they are genuine and have a good support team running, and are always there for any help

Also, check for the language they provide the support if English is not your main language and getting problems (If you are reading for this blog probably you won’t except you are seeing a translated version of it)

It is good if they have all live chat, call and email support options


Many Website builders are outdated and have not been updated for years avoid them make sure they are popular and constantly improve them to bring new features and optimize them on regular basis.

You can check their new updates page or blog to get ideas of how frequently they bring new changes these help in determining your website will become better and more advance as time passes giving an edge to 90% of outdated websites

Advance Tips on Choosing a Website Builder?

  • Try to buy for a long time and in bulk to make sure it cost minimal to you and the budget is maintained also check for all features included
  • Try to use Free trails to check if they match your requirements
  • See for external plugins and integration website builder support for the better also check if they are free or need additional investment
  • Make sure they have a server in your country for speed
  • Check the help center to understand all features you might not aware of
  • Make sure it allows custom codes in the head as well as on pages as it will be important verification and integrations
  • Some website builders are better for certain features like Shopify is best for E-commerce, WordPress for blogging, Wix for local websites, etc. So you can search website builders according to your niches too as there may be dedicated features for your website.

FAQs about choosing website builders

Which Website Builder is Best?

Many factors define these answers, but the most commonly used website builders are wordpress, Wix, and Shopify for a reason. They have the most advanced options.

What are Web 3.0 Websites?

Webs 3.0 are a totally different thing basically they are hosted at multiple servers and accessible with an NFT domain but currently there is no practical use for it and not supported by any search engines. You can check more about web 3.0

What if there is no website builder available for certain features?

Then, You have to custom develop it and then host it to make your website live. For the majority of business and individuals website, a builder is an ideal option

Which is the best Hosted or Self-Hosted Website builder?

See, if you are looking for a very common website with no technicalities and further very high customization then Hosted is best but if you are creating a website for bulk and heavy websites like media and blog sites then Self-hosted is better


Hope you are clear with all doubts you come across when you think of a website builder and which to use for your business. This guide will surely help you with your decision

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