How to choose a domain name (Beginner’s Guide)

Choosing the right domain name is the first step in creating a successful website. Few mistakes can make your website dead so let’s find out how to choose a perfect domain name

Things to remember at the time of choosing the right domain name:

These are the most common mistakes individuals and brands make when selecting domain names so make sure you read all and don’t repeat the mistakes

Choose Perfect Domain Extension

You must have a domain extension that is trustworthy and google allows them to rank well. There are various types of top-level domains like:

  • Common TLD like (.com, .net, .xyz)
  • .org (For organizations)
  • .edu (For Education institutes)
  • Geographic-based like (.us, .in)
  • Government domains like (.gov)
  • And many other generic domains for different purposes

Most probably if you want to make a website for a worldwide audience .com or .net works best. If you want to rank a country-wise then geographical domains are best like for India it is (.in)

Check for spelling

Make sure you check for spelling mistakes twice as you don’t get second chance money will be wasted also try to avoid domain names that are currently auto-correct in google

Please Note: Not true always if you have a very different name and google auto-correct that, this may be due to no search results for that word you can proceed with that name it will be a very good branded name too in future

Google Auto correct search queries

Something like that if you create a website with a peppper name domain it will have a tough time even discovering in google or it may never be discovered

Check the Meaning of domain names

Sometimes meaning changes with wording also the pronunciation of that phrase may change creating a huge loss until you realize it. Some famous examples are which initially was pen island, suppose to be read as Mp3s hit, and which mean Dickson web.

I hope you got my point over here

Check for Similar Domains

Check if any other authoritative similar domain already exists this may result in your domain never ranking for that term not only that you might look like a scammer even legal issues may arise with it

Old Domains Check

Check once was the domain you are registering has already use before or if you want to purchase an expired domain for better SEO make sure it is not penalized by google has unethical content before or any other problem mentioned in this article

Pricing and Terms

All domains and extensions have different terms and conditions and pricing vary according to extensions and the domain registrar. Recently in my country in India .in extension has a new verification rule if you hold more than 2 .in domain names. So make sure you are updated with your domain extension and domain registrar terms

Check for Trademarks

Have a check with the domain and companies trademark and make sure you don’t use their trademark names or similar names or may get sued for it like you can’t make Instaggram or Instagramhacks you may be sued by Instagram

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

Some common tips you should follow for sure

  • Try to keep it short and brandable
  • Don’t use unnecessary symbols or special characters
  • Using a keyword is not necessary for the Domain name but having a reference doesn’t harm too.
  • Make sure you have a privacy lock enabled to prevent hacks and information leakage or spam.
  • You can use AI domain name generators for ideas
  • Make sure you decide and purchase quickly as good domains and very limited and old domains cause much more costly than new ones

Where to buy the Domain Name?

There are many different domain registrars to get domains, all have their own extensions and prices. Apart from that many website hosting and website building companies offer free domains along with their plans or individual purchases too.

You can also buy domain names directly from domain extension providers individually

Check our article on the best website hosting and Website Builders you will get some options that offer free domains with hosting too

Top Domain Name provider

Here is the list of some of the best domain name providers according to my preference:

GoDaddy Domains

I personally use GoDaddy for purchasing all my domain names it is one of the oldest trustful domain providers with many benefits like many domain extensions available, auction options, and a beautiful UI to handle Domains

Although GoDaddy is a little expensive and needs addons for privacy you can check other options too.

Name Cheap Domains

Probably the best place to get the domain for the cheapest there are many events and coupon codes to reduce the price as well further. Name cheap has all the necessary features a domain provider should have with many exclusive domain extension options.

Google Domains

Yes, Google also has there own domain registrar services with all the necessary features and over 300 extensions to choose from. It has good UI and also the pricing is pretty fair to go with

Big Rock

Many Big companies use big rock as it is one of the oldest and most well-established players in this market giving access to many countries with their support and competitive pricing.

These 4 are the best currently you can check pricing and support in your country and according to your needs and go with the best as per your choice

FAQs about domain

What is Domain?

In simple words, Domain is the address where your site can be accessed by people and search engines through a unique URL

Which Domain Provider is best?

According to me GoDaddy and Namecheap are the best to go with currently and have great introductory pricing to start with.

Should I use other Generic Domain Extensions?

Yes, you can go with a Generic domain make sure it full fills your website intention example you can’t go with (.design) on a tech blog either you can go with (.com, .net, or .tech) type extensions

What are NFT Domains?

This is totally new concept these domains are for web 3.0 and currently no search engine supports it nor you should go with it currently


After reading this Blog I hope you are clear with all your domain doubts. Want to know more about how to make a website or online business successful I have most In-depth articles written in simple languages do check all

Let me know if any other doubts or tips you want me to clear on domain names in the comment

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