What is a website? How to grow it? Different types of websites

A website is basically a place on the internet where individuals or companies share information publically and provide various other functionalities.

In short in today’s Online World a person or company should have an online presence to reach out to their potential audience and a website works as a medium for it.

Why a Website is Important and how to grow its traffic

Website acts as an offline store or an office in the online world and there are many benefits of having one instead of not having

Reasons Why you should definitely have a website?

  • It Provides Information about your business to your customers, such as products and services, Business details, location, and other information.
  • It acts as a marketing and lead generation machine where your customer can ask for a quote or purchase directly and many other ways to interact.
  • You can advertise your business with it
  • A website can be monetized for additional earnings with various methods
  • It can be used for collecting customer data and analytics purposes

There are various benefits of having a website especially if you want to build an online business or want to bring your business to more consumers online

How to grow its traffic

The most important factor of the website is to bring your target audience to your website there are many ways to attract traffic to your website

  • SEO is the most lucrative way of gaining traffic and there is nothing better than search engine organic traffic
  • Social traffic means social media traffic whether it is from FB, Instagram, or any other social media this is the 2nd most common way of building traffic
  • Paid Traffic you can sponsor someone for gaining attention like any influencer or can run paid ads on various platforms
  • Direct traffic is from those who directly come to your website generally you must have a strong brand to get such attention
  • Referral traffic this traffic is from another website linking to you generally directories and other blogs website links

I have detailed blogs covering in-depth all of these traffic sources on my blog explore.

Different types of Websites and How to build them?

These are some of the most common types of websites and I have divided them into five types according to their nature and creating process:

Business websites

Business Websites are generally agencies or business bodies that showcase their services and information and provide a way to communicate.

It can have various features like contact form, chat, service info, quote forms, payment, portals, blog, and much more.

Such websites can be created using website builders like Wix, WordPress, or GoDaddy easily.

Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are used by the individual or small agency that wants to showcase their work and has a contact option this is the easiest type of website to make and can be created using website builders like WordPress, Webflow, or Wix easily.

E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites are a pretty wide term it can be divided further into various options such website has product selling features and other marketing and necessary features.

There are multiple types of E-commerce websites like single vendor, multi-vendor, digital products, and wholesale websites.

Such websites sometimes need custom development but can easily be made with E-commerce specific website builders like Shopify, Big-commerce, or Ecwid.

Blog websites

Blog websites are generally made with the mission of spending content and monetizing it. A blog can be built for any type of website but blogging-specific websites are different and there are multiple ways to monetize a blog

WordPress is the best when comes to blogging but there can be other website builders that do the work too.

Custom websites

Custom-made websites are those websites that can’t be made using a website builder that is unique and become more functional. Such a website is needed by those who want to build something totally unique or at large scale

There are many coding languages and frameworks used for creating such websites and need one or more developers to work on them at a time

This method is generally time-consuming and huge investment is required and not suited for 90% of businesses

FAQs About Websites

How can I create a new website?

A new website can be created either by using a website builder or doing custom coding development both have their advantages and disadvances.

What are the websites and their benefits?

At basics, a website is a place on the internet that helps users communicate with website owners. It has several benefit but the most important is that it helps your customer or audience to interact with you or your business

What are the features of the website?

Different types of websites have different features some common features are every website should have your business or your information and a way to contact you also an SSL is a must for security reasons.


This blog is part of my how-to create and grow a website series you can check multiple other blogs for further information. It will help you clear all the beginning questions and much other advanced stuff

Let me know are you ready to build your next successful website and grow your online business

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