GetResponse Review (Explaining all features Unbiased)

GetResponse is complete email marketing and marketing automation software for Bloggers, Marketers, and Businesses, and also a dedicated plan for eCommerce owners will review and explain each and every use case of Getresponse

Quick Review

GetResponse Review

Get Response is a go-to software to get started in online marketing with tons of features starting with a free plan to start with and updates as needed.

I have personal experience working with GetResponse for myself as well as my Client on both their website Builder and Marketing Tools.

They have a quick easy to understand interface and have a well-organized help center to get any quick answers for any feature, Also have a live chat option for support too.

Check the full detailed blog for understanding Features, Pros and Cons, Pricing, and some FAQs

Jay Raval

GetResponse Review (Explaining all features Unbiased)
User Experience


I personally like GetResponse and would definitely recommend it for individuals, Small-medium business owners, and E-commerce Websites. It has all the features at a good price point and an easy-to-use interface.


Detailed Review of all features

They have a list of small and big features I have listed the most important features and their individual review over here. Check the full feature list at GetResponse Feature

Website Builder and Landing Pages

GetResponse Review (Explaining all features Unbiased)

It has a very good Landing Page, Website, and Funnel Builder with templates to start with also you can start without paying for using a custom domain with limited functionality.

It has a Drag n Drop editor with all basic functions like images, text, gallery, etc. Apart from that have some advanced blocks in a premium plan like a custom CSS/Html box

Has decent SEO features and a Global Style option

After all, this is not a complete website builder-specific tool like Wix or WordPress but it has the ability to make a basic portfolio, agency websites, or business websites.

It is also mobile responsive

Don’t have eCommerce yet

Email Marketing Features

GetResponse Review (Explaining all features Unbiased)

It is primarily an email marketing tool so it has all the features an email marketing tool should have including Premade templates, List Management, Segmentation/personalization, AB testing, and autoresponder, Email Scanner for spam prevention.

Apart from that, it has a shutter shock and Giphy Library to use for free and also has eCommerce and transactional email features

Delivery rates are a little average and drag n drop editor was a little annoying for me

Marketing Automation Features

For Marketing, it has Automations, Custom Segmentation, Easy Sales funnel setup, Forms, and Popups, and also some advance contact scoring mainly used for reward workflows

It also has Event and webinar automation inbuilt which usually costs extra tools and is mainly not present in any other marketing suite that too with unlimited hosting, multiple attendee, and other features.

E-commerce Marketing

E-commerce Marketing is a recent launch plan with e-commerce-specific features like Transaction emails, Segmentation, web notification, abandon cart recovery, Product recommendations

It has easy integration with all popular CMS and website builders too

It can be a good alternative to Klaviyo

Integrations And Other Features

SMS Marketing

Yes, it also has SMS Marketing but at the agency, MAX plans so I have never used it.

Paid Ads

It has a Social Ads Creator app to create ads graphics and also it has google and Facebook paid ads integrations

Live Chats

Live Chats are in build and have all the premium features like auto-response, reply via email, etc.

Analytics and reports

It has a details reports tabs to represent all the data it collects


It has Webhooks to pass information to any other system


Many integrations with website builders and other platforms


You can invite users to manage and handle your task and have different roles and can also customize role setting

These are some other features that are also included in GetResponse

Mostly all Features are unlocked according to the plan so make sure you check once


GetResponse Review Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & E-commerce Marketing software 2022

Pricing is Contact based and varies according to your contact list

For Starting it has a very solid free plan with all necessary features and up to 500 contacts limit with a website builder that allows connecting domains as well as unlimited newsletter.

After that, Plans are divided as per requirements and features

  • Email Marketing – Starting at $15.58/mo on 12 months of billing
  • Marketing Automation – Starting at $48.38/mo on 12 months of billing
  • E-commerce Marketing Automation – Starting at $97.58/mo on 12 months of billing

If you need for large corporate or heavy usage there are custom MAX and MAX2 Plans too

They also have a Non-Profit only plan that gives a 30-50% discount

Pros and Cons


  • Highly feature-packed complete solution in one place
  • Great Support Resource and ongoing support systems like Live Chat and Email that too in 8 Languages
  • Easy to User Interface and Navigation
  • Inbuild CRM
  • Webinar software and Website builder Inbuild without any addon cost


  • Little Design Limitations compare to other Drag n Drop Builders
  • It becomes expensive if you need a specific feature and doesn’t want to switch plan like if I need a Web push notification feature will need to update on E-commerce plan


Is GetResponse Value for Money (Good or Bad)?

GetResponse is absolutely a value-for-money email marketing and marketing automation software. Also, it has a free plan to start with

Does GetResponse have API and Webhooks support?

Yes, It has API and Webhooks support and also many inbuilt integrations.

What is GetResponse used for?

It has multiple use cases and features according to your needs from the basic affiliate websites to e-commerce although mainly it can be termed as a marketing software

GetResponse Deliverability Rates?

A simple answer would be it depends according to many reports and my own research it is not good nor bad between 80-90%


I have shared my honest opinions and on the basis of personal experience I may receive a commission if you purchase with my link which I use to make my website and content better you will always get the best deal with my link

Apart from that if you need anyone to handle and setup GetResponse for you, can always avail my service through my contact page will reach out to you soon

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