How to check tech stack with website platform checker online

Want to find the technology stack behind a website want all software a website is built with. This website platform checker online helps here

Best way to check Website Stack

If you are a developer you can always reverse engineer the code and find what all software an website is using and how it is built. But it is impossible to have all software and tools knowledge by a single person.

So, it is better to use a platform where to get all of this information from the tech stack to where a website is hosted on

Best website platform checker online

Mostly website platform checker online reveals tech stack, server/domain details, generates a lead, security checkup, and SEO sometimes too according to the tools.

Here are some of the best tools for analyzing websites :

Built With

Built With is the industry leader in finding and analyzing websites and what software, framework, and other details a website uses.

Many designers and developers also use it as a lead generation machine and have many other use cases.

It has free as well as the paid versions but if you want some overall checkup free would work absolutely fine here

You can also use its chrome extension for the regular use case.


Wappalyzer is another similar technology checkup tool and extension that is more user-friendly at the same time

They have all the features of a website analyzer including all tech profiles, lead generation, market research, technology change alerts, and much more.

Wappalyzer has one of the best chrome extensions too that is very easy to use.

It has a very good free plan as well as paid plans for add-ons premium features.


Hexometer is a website monitoring tool but it has a good tech stack checker and other free tools like whois to check out.

You can use them for free it may not be as detailed as others but definitely a good free choice and also a very nice tools website monitoring tool if you need one.

Netcraft site reports

Netcraft is an agency that provides many cyber security and other solution but you can use their free site report to find a good amount of information about a particular site like their hosting and CMS usage details.

Web analyzer

Web analyzer is a complete website analyzing suite that has many free and paid tools to check out one of them is their technology lookups free tool that does exactly the same thing others do reveal complete technical details.

Snov Tech Stack

Snov is a sales automation and email finder software and has a free tool that you can use to find the technology stack and see what all popular websites that software is used by.

It is a little different but great if you are looking for lead generation or researching and planning to buy software you can see how popular it is and how many big sites use it.

How to use website platform checker online?

Mostly steps are similar

Go to one of the above tools search pages and enter the website URL

Mostly in all tools, there will be a place to enter the website URL just put the website URL that you are willing to research.

A report will be generated

As soon as you put your desired URL and report will be shown according to the platform with all the information that they can reveal.

Export it ( If possible )

You can export that report n many tools or may not be able to do it according to the platform. There may be various features of different tools that you can explore.


With all the above tools you can see your competitor’s or leads tech stack and understand the technology behind them but it may not be best too they just reveal the usage of the competitor tech stack there may be a better option with similar features

So, it is always better to check alternatives on google or consult a professional before using it for your site

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