7 Best Mobile website builders (Review and Compared)

Mobile-First website builders are in demand as maximum people use mobile and thus I am sharing the best mobile website builder that can create a powerful mobile-first website

Kleap review


Kleap is the best website builder with the best price for creating a simple mobile-first site

Linktree Review


Linktree is best for Instagram bio or portfolio type websites

Carrd review


Carrd is the best one-page website builder at the lowest rates.

Framer Review

Framer Sites

Framer is quite a new website builder, but you can use it to create a highly customized mobile site.

What are the best mobile website builders?

First of all, from a mobile website builder, I specifically mean you can create a website specifically optimized for mobile at the lowest prices and with all necessary integrations and features.

Generally, a mobile-first site is good for personal websites or single product type websites that don’t want a complex site just a site for navigational and social media integrations. Sometimes maybe e-commerce related.

Being in this space I can surely say these are some of the best builders to create such a website These are ranked on the basis of how simple it is to create a website on it and their pricing from the lowest.

All of these have their pros and cons and different use cases

Kleap website builder

Kleap is one of the first and best website builders specifically designed to create mobile-first sites efficiently with many features and rebuild templates.

Kleap has a free plan with limited functionality for demos and paid plans to start with just 2.5$ per month.

Features Includes:

  • Custom domain
  • Multi-Page
  • Custom code embed
  • Mobile-Friendly Editor
  • Templates and Blocks
  • Forms (submission-based pricing)
  • Posts and E-commerce coming soon.

Overall Kleap is currently one kind made with mobile | made for a mobile website builder that has awesome potential to make many types of websites.

Carrd website builder

If you need a One-page Website in the most affordable way possible then Carrd is best for it, especially since it is easy to use and can create mobile-friendly sites.

Pricing starts at 9$ per year but wound recommended at 19$ per year so you can attach a custom domain too up to 10 sites

Features Include:

  • Easy to use editor
  • Custom blocks and Templates
  • Code Embed
  • SEO Options
  • Forms

So basically if you are looking for a quick one-page website builder that is mobile friendly too then go with Carrd

Canva sites

Canva sites is another option for creating highly advanced landing pages and portfolio websites also the best part is just the required pro membership of canva which is pretty much 12$ per month or in India, it is just 3999rs.

Many people don’t know this feature of canva but it is definitely worth using it. You just have to create a design in canva editor once ready publish it through sites and it will be ready to go.

Can connect up to 5 domains per account.

Linktree Bio Sites

If you just want a mobile-friendly Bio site without any custom domain you can have a look at Linktree it has the best features when it comes to bio sites for social media.

You can integrate almost any link and many other integrations.

It is free to use and has various paid plans.

I included this in the list just because it is the best mobile-friendly bio site, creator. I personally don’t recommend bio sites instead custom domain sites are better but some people like so included in this list.

Tilda website builder

Tilda is not completely made for a mobile-first website builder but is able to create high-end responsive mobile sites which almost complete all necessities of a mobile-first site.

Tilda has a free plan to explore but requires 10$ per month or more plans to go live with a custom domain.

You can create service, eCommerce, personal, landing pages almost any type of website using Tilda and it is quite easy to use just drag and drop.

Wix website builder

Wix is almost similar to Tilda but a little slow when it comes to mobile but useful you can complete the design mobile layout according to your needs. It can be even better if you use the Editor X builder of Wix.

Wix has various plans to go with and has features accordingly and many integrations too so explore yourself also Editor X has separate Plans.

You can also create branded mobile apps using Wix.

Framer sites

Framer is a very new website builder but is very popular and has some best No code possibilities for creating websites and many different viewports you can completely drag and drop elements like design tools.

Support many design customization and integration too.

If you need a very advance but easy-to-use website builder framer is for you. yes, it has a slight learning curve.

Pricing starts at 10$ per month and above. Note: Framer is not for E-commerce currently.

What are Mobile First Websites?

Mobile-first sites are solely made to make the mobile user experience better. There are many techniques and UI design principles for creating the best mobile-first site.

Such websites are mainly made for small purposes like a portfolio, landing page, a simple blog, and even eCommerce to some extent.

Mostly in this era, all websites are responsive but not mobile-first necessarily.

If you want a website builder for a heavily featured website then you should go with a more advanced responsive website builder.

When to create mobile-first websites?

You should create a mobile-first site for the following reasons:

  • If your majority audience will land on your website through mobile.
  • For creating an instant linking website or bio website.
  • You want to mobile-first create landing pages and product pages.
  • If you want a small website on a budget then this would be the best option.


Can I build website in mobile?

Yes but limited, many of the website builders are capable of creating a basic website with mobile too. You can look at Kleap or Carrd.

What is the difference between a website and a mobile website?

Generally, websites are responsive but mobile-first websites are made specifically to appeal to mobile users at a certain breakpoint range of screen

Why Limited Website Builder for Mobile-first website?

Since this concept is new very limited website builders provide such options but in most website builders you can always customize and create a separate mobile layout.


Hopefully, you might find the best website builder to create a mobile-friendly website at the best price. Still find it difficult you can avail my service by contacting me.

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