Affordable Website design for small business

Looking for a Website design for your small business? Well, there are certain things you have to take care of before choosing a service? This article will end all your answers and provide accurate information

Why do you need website design for Small Business?

Do you know why exactly you want a website for your business well there may be several Some of the reasons You should consider are:

  • Complete with Big Player
  • Do Local SEO and generate leads
  • To Increase Reputation and Gain Trust
  • Get Inbound leads
  • Convert Your Cold Audience into Warm Audience
  • Solve Customer Query
  • Generate More traffic

Here I listed are some of the major reasons. You May wanted a website for your small business but What website a website should actually have to achieve such a goal.

Things a Small Business Website must have

You can also take this as a website’s features or characteristics that a good website must have and are needed or else it becomes worthless

Good Layout and Responsive

Your Website must have a good initial layout that is clean and easy to understand for your non-techy customer also navigation through your website should be self-explanatory and also it should be optimized for all possible screen ratio

SEO Optimized

Your site should be SEO Optimize in both aspects of User Experience as well as Search Engine at least initial SEO should be done with a website design and development

Some of the key elements website Initial SEO should have:

  • Page Speed (At at least low than 3 Seconds)
  • Onpage SEO
  • Local SEO Optimized (If you serve locally and have Google my Business Listing)
  • Mobile Optimize
  • Site Security

And also enabling google business listing, analytics, and search console submission and solving errors are some of the necessary steps


As I told Your Main Goal is to capture more leads or sales you must have some of these key marketing Software and features

  • Live Chat Automation
  • CRM and Email Marketing Automation
  • Inbuild Sales Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Contact Forms and Subscribe Form
  • Booking Facilities
  • Powerful CMS for Blog
  • Business Emails

Mostly All These facilities can be achieved with some powerful tools and platforms like Email Marketing and CRM software and Website Builders.


Your Website should have branded Look and Easy to understanding design that stands out from your competitor also your website design should be optimized for maximum conversion and generating trust.

Good design is necessary for making the website user-friendly on both Desktop as well as mobile also there are places where graphic design like product mockups, banners, icons, illustrations, etc are needed perfectly branded.


Good Copywriting is necessary to make the website easy to understand and Studies show copywriting is the most important factor in conversion. Hence, Powerful wording is good for users as well as SEO point of view too.

How to make a Powerful Website for small Business

Your business might be a Service-based business like restaurants, hotels, any Professional or portfolio type or You might be Product Based business like B2B or D2C business.

Well, there are two options for creating a website:

Custom Coded

For, A small business these might not be the best option as it is difficult to make and also handle you will Require a Domain, Hosting, and also a good Developer and it is also time Confusing.

Still, you want to go to Fiverr and find a good developer to start with they might use templates and scripts to speed up the process

Ready-Made Solution

All type of website currently has a ready-made SAAS solution for creating a website. Some of the powerful Website Builder you can go with are:

There are many Website Builders Check out my reviews on the top 10 website Builders

Well, there are many benefits of a website builder it is cost-effective, Easy to Manage, User-friendly, and connects with other software easily you will not require additional developers in most cases once the website is made.

Whom to Outsource Work

Well as you saw Website design and development tasks can be complicated and need an expert to make them perfect and decrease the chances of making a website useless. Certainly, there are Two Options to outsource website development work Agency and Freelancer

If you should an agency it has a very high rate for making a website and maybe time confusing and not get a personalized approach

For small businesses or individuals, it is better to go with a person that can really work on your website understand your needs, and can make a cost-effective personalized solution.

Some FAQs

How much does it cost to make a website for a small business?

Well, it depends on functionality, website hosting and domain cost, plugins and tools cost and also agency or freelancer charge and after made may be maintenance and renewal cost every year. Maybe a typical website making can cost around 100$ to 1000$ and maintenance costs 100$ to 1000$ per year.

Is it necessary to have a website?

Yes, In the current internet age having a website is a symbol of trust and authority and also has many benefits.

Do I need Integrations and Business Emails for a website?

Well, If you want additional facilities you might require some tools, and if we talk about business email. Most hosting includes business email if not having one is good, not necessary but optional.

Do SEO is needed at the time of website development?

Well, Some initial SEO practices should be taken care of to avoid future mistakes and Do follow all the necessary steps.

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