How to build personal brand | Explained

What is personal branding?

As per the growth of the internet, this term has been popular. It basically means making your own brand with your name and image associated with it and influencing people around your ideas, services, or anything.

To build a personal brand influencing people in various ways is one of the key factors also converting them into business.

Advantages of personal branding

Low cost

It is a cost-effective way of branding for any service or product as there are various ways you can grow organically in it.


You will get a rock-solid community who believes in you and are ready to buy your products and services and consume your content which builds loyalty.


You can choose how you want to build your brand and can take your own decisions to make sure it doesn’t harm your audience.

Trust and authority

A personal brand helps in building authority and trust in a particular field whether it is a particular type of comedy, specific tech, or even a nonprofit motive.

Multiple channels

You can leverage multiple channels to build your audience and influence them. Which can ultimately create multiple channels of income for you.

Disadvantages of personal branding


All the risk will be taken by you also you’re you make a small mistake like by mistake giving hate speech it will lead to the complete collapse of your brand

Also, all money and fame can be destroyed in a second. To overcome it you can build a separate entity side by side that acts as a company and you are a brand ambassador.


You will have to give your time to building content or engaging with your audience from time to time apart from your own business too which sometimes becomes very stressful.

How to build a successful personal brand

Know your audience

You should be very clear with your expertise and whom you are targeting like their demographics, interests, age, etc. Try to build as good as content around it and bring that authority to that audience

Proper influencing

You should be very clear with your content and bring as much quality content as possible that your audience wants.

Also, you have to make multiple channels where you can influence people like your own blog, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

You can choose where you want to build your audience by seeing where they actually are. If you want to be famous as a business coach, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and your website are good options.

Whereas if you are a makeup artist then Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat are some of the good options to start with.

Try to build at least four to five different platforms to build your audience to avoid the risk as when TikTok was banned in India. Many creators suffered a lot just due to this reason.

Increasing content quality and consistency

You should continuously update your content and try to bring everything that your audience wants and invest in making it better.

Try to be as consistent as you can to avoid loss of influence amongst people as in personal branding consistency is the key.

To increase your quality you will need capital from where you can get this let’s discuss

Earning potential by personal branding

It grows as you grow your audience. Your number doesn’t matter much but what matters is how many people you can convert into your customer in any form. There are various ways you can earn money from your audience.

I have listed some of them here:

Platform monetization

Almost every platform has a monetization feature available from which you can one money except some of them but from there you can have additional benefits.

Ads on YouTube are a great example. Also, Twitter is bringing their spaces from where you can monetize similarly or platforms have their own monetization methods.

Some of them are very good to build a passive income but can be low if your audience is not big enough.


If you are a small but targeted audience you can suggest products to them and earn a good commission on them.

Blogging, YouTube, medium, Pinterest are some of the best places to do affiliate marketing.

Your own products and services

You can check many good influencers bring their own merchandise, own brands or give coaching services, etc.

It is one of the best ways to end dependency on a particular platform and get complete control of your audience by your platform.

One of the best examples is Mr. Beast burger by Mr beast he monetized it so well also some small creatures monetize their expertise in the form of courses and blog websites.

Brand deals

If you have a good audience many brands will reach out to you to advertise their products on your behalf in return for good money.

You will get instantly branded if you have a good niche audience or a very large audience

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok are some of the best platforms where you can build an audience to get brand deals.


Apart from that there are very creative ways you can monetize your audience but discussed above are the best ways to do that some other options are crowdfunding, collaboration, memberships, etc.

Mistakes people do at building their personal brand

Think everyone is their audience but it is not true not even Elon Musk have all people in their favor

Loss their consistency

Depending on a single platform as I said try to build your own platform side by side

No end goals and vision

No proper brand values. If you are confused with your thinking, how will you influence others? I don’t do the business of primary education nor do I promote any health care product which means I will not do it forever.


I try to clear out everything about personal branding is very simple language hope you like it

Let me know how you will build your personal brand in the comments.

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