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Why investment?

Doing investment in anything is a key to success. Many people confuse investment with only money but it is not like that there are various other investments apart from doing money investment. Today I will disclose every possible investment you can do in your life.

Proper investment

It’s all that you will ultimately aim for after doing that investment. Will it be worth it are some of the questions that need to be asked before doing any investment no matter after it fails or gets unexpected high results it depends?

So before doing any investment in your life, be it money or your time and energy, anything involves making sure you measure its best outcomes and are ready for the worst too.

Different types of investments

Every human invest something in their life intentionally or unintentionally in the form of time, energy, and money but today I am going to tell you some of the common investment you can do

Investment in yourself

You can invest in yourself by learning something from someone who has already done it or any other knowledge you can gain which makes your life better is a good investment. It can be a course, book, or even a paid meeting.

It reduces the chances of failure and you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

It will be worth it if you learn very high-quality skills trading against your money, time, and energy.

Or, Simple invest some free time reading my blog too.

Investment in automation

To reduce your time and be productive you can invest in automation tools and services that make your life easier.

It can be anything like a driver for your car so you can work in the car too or like me I just write articles by speaking and use AI to reduce the time it takes.

My all tools that I use to manage my life

Investment through money

Here is what everybody talks about their numerous ways you can use your money to get more money and to be rich ultimately.

Mostly you should prefer ways that can counter inflation and give more returns than it.

Today I am going to share some of the most common ways you can invest your money.

Investment in your business or other business

It is risky to invest in someone’s business to try to grow your business too but trust me it is one of the best where you can get the highest returns.


I am covering this separately this ultimately is an investment in the business as it is one of the very wide topics you have to learn fundamentals and technicals of stock markets to invest in stocks properly

Here there are 2 options: long term investment, short term investment known as trading both have their advantages as well as disadvantages.

You can invest in any public listed company not only in your country but across the globe through various brokers.

I personally use in the Indmoney and Upstox in India you can choose similar service in your country

Real estates

You can invest in properties and can earn rental income and sell it at high prices afterward

It usually requires a huge upfront cost. There are some other alternatives like flipping properties houses but it can be considered as business not an investment likely.


You can invest in materials like gold, diamond, crude oils, etc in the marketplace invest as well as trade similar to stocks.


It is a high-risk high-gain market but as it is a trend and also expected to be in the future it is good to invest in crypto.

There are various ways you can invest in crypto. You can check out this article for it.

Investment in crypto, nft and web3


Above I discuss all the major ways you can invest your money but apart from that there are thousands of ways you can invest your money but they are very small

Some of them I am listing here:

Old paintings and old things
Unique things like sneakers
Giving debts
Fixed deposit

But this all ways give fewer returns or is not popular nowadays due to its risk and low value.


I hope I give a new perspective on investment. Make sure wherever you invest you should have complete skills and knowledge about it.

Also, diversify your investment portfolio accordingly

Do let me know your investment strategies in the comments

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