How to add Apple Maps business listing

Have Doubt regarding how to add your business to apple maps business listing, updating, and fix wrong errors read the full article

If you are running a business adding to business to apple listing get brings the highest quality traffic and leads as those who use Apple products are usually money backed and legit. So let’s know everything about Apple Maps business Listing.

Adding a business to Apple Listing

It is very easy to claim your business listing or add a new business to your apple listing. Follow these steps and you will be good to go. I am from India so there might be some verification differences but the process will be the same:

Go to

Once you go to this URL you will need to log in using Apple ID. If you don’t have one create an apple ID similar to any other application.

Find your business or add a missing place

After you select your place, provide all the correct information about your business asking for some fields like language, place name, phone number, website, category (Auto suggested choose the most relevant), and address.

Review your information and verify ownership

Once, you review all your information click on verify ownership and continue the step up.

Now provide Legal information of business

Apple separates real-world information and legal business information. This is to be private and fill all fields correctly.

Add primary contact details

Enter your name, email address, work phone number, and your role correctly and proceed further.

Verify Business

Generally, In India, it can be verified through call verification with the help of OTP you might see a verification process according to your country.

Done, Now your business is listed perfectly. Please note that steps may be a little different according to different countries.

Update apple business listing

Apple doesn’t provide any update options as compared to google but always you can make changes to basic information and business hours operation changes. Also, there is no manager-type option that can take care of your listing.

It is not that feature ready yet but will be updated very soon and I will update this article accordingly. But there are many benefits of listing on apple maps.

Features of Apple Map Business Listing

You should keep in mind that Apple users are generally a lucrative audience and have high chances of being customers so this might be the biggest benefit.


Apple is the biggest operating system after android with almost 100 million users and keeps increasing as more and more people and joining the apple ecosystem.

Also, Through maps, you can be visible on Maps, Wallet, Safari Browser, Siri and spotlight so their multiple client touchpoints that your business can leverage.

Correct Business Information

Having correct business information on all local directories is very important in local SEO as all thing big companies continuously analyze your data and provide more attention to correct ones with the most accurate information.

Even on your site, your contact information should be the same as Google, Bing, Apple, etc listing.


Apple is continuously updating their service and adding more and more features that are getting more attention your business will first accept these changes and get more benefits.

Limitation of Apple Maps Listing

Apart from several benefits, there are some points you should remember where apple is currently failing or not in some features.

  • No full control over profile You can’t edit many parts of your profile and have no support to remove spam or negative comment. They have some systems but are not efficient enough currently.
  • Can’t add multiple users or admins.
  • Can’t do post content marketing or any SEO-related work to optimize from your side it just acts as a directory.
  • Don’t see an option for listing online businesses without any store as google provides.


I made this article as recently apple allow custom listing in India and many of my friends and client were asking about it so I thought why not make a post packed with information.

After this article, I am pretty sure you know everything about apple business listing and if you want to develop your own premium website or need a business facelift online don’t forget to check my services

Still Have doubts comment below will answer them.

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