Best B2B Website Design and Builder

Making a High converting B2B website is an art. This blog will share the best B2B Website Tips and Best B2B website builders.

What is a B2B website Design?

First of all many people don’t understand the meaning of the B2B business. Simply it means any business that provides products or services to a different business is a B2B business example a digital marketing design agency only serving to wholesaler business owners.

So, If you ask me what’s the simplest B2B website should look like then it will contain 4-5 Page:

  • Home or landing page
  • Service Page
  • About Page
  • Pricing Page
  • And finally a contact page

Well, that’s it but it is not the only case some B2B sites can be e-commerce type sites with both D2C and alongside a B2B or it can be custom made big marketplace or even a saas made specifically for business purposes.

Well, such a big website requires a good tech team and a high investment but most of my audience is looking for an easy way which I will discuss later which is probably the best way to get started in my view.

Features of B2B website Design

I always think for the simplest answer and then go into deep first of all what a b2b website aim for and that’s sale not huge traffic so keep in mind and let’s deep dive into it:

Design and Layout

There are some tips in terms of design and layout to consider when making a b2b website the objective of design should be easy to navigate through content, Not too many Graphic and animation.

The layout of the website should be easy to navigate, a strong call to action, Information driven, and most important strong social proof for your similar industry leaders.

Strong Sale funnel

There should be multiple touchpoint sales funnel you should focus on all explaining all bout your services or products you offer and help visitors into their buying journey. Also, the sales funnel should be optimized for high conversion.

Note: That don't means buy high sales funnel software as many people thinks sales funnel as a tool whereas it is strategy.

Traffic Sources

Your website should have a blog that walkthrough your all customer touchpoint and also bring traffic to your website.

Your website should be SEO optimized, listed on all major directories in your area and industries and their information should be up to date.

E-commerce Solution

If you want a B2B product selling e-commerce solution. You should have solid Product SEO, Custom Pricing, Forms, etc. So, basically will need a powerful backend that can make everything easy to manage and handle from products to orders or even taxes. Also, you can make the quote maker form for custom orders.

Best B2B Website Builder

Of course, creating a huge website like any saas or highly advanced marketplaces is not possible using a website builder but if you want a basic website that helps your customer to contact you it can be useful, or want a wholesaler type website can be possible.


Using WordPress for building a business website is the best option as it offers many plugins and themes and full-fledged solutions for a b2b website.

Some types of B2B websites WordPress are basic websites with all required pages, e-commerce wholesaler websites can even create a basic multivendor website.

As WordPress is not self-hosted might require hosting check out the best website hosting providers


For a basic b2b website with all required pages and with a blog, Wix can be the easiest to use option for creating a website it has many integrations and customization options.


Shopify is great for building D2C product stores but it can be also useless for building B2B product selling stores even with some premium plugins you can make a separate wholesale section. It is the best option if want

Store Hippo

The store is one of the best solutions for B2B e-commerce. In fact, they have dedicated features especially for creating a B2B website also Multivender B2B website.

They have features like White label e-commerce solution, Multivendor system, RFQ options, bulk processing, multiple pricing, etc.

Big Commerce

Big-commerce also has a decent B2B solution but it is better in terms of design but less functionality as it is the first D2C store builder that can get additional facilities just like Shopify but it doesn’t need additional plugins to stuff everything is integrated and well build.


If you are from the USA this can be a great option also it is free to start but will require the plan to make both B2C and B2B stores together. I am from India so can’t say much but this is one of the options you can try if you are from the USA.


What is B2B website design?

B2B stands for business to business and as the name suggest B2B website design is basically a way to reach out to other business.

How do I create a B2B website?

You can create a custom-coded website according to your needs or use a website builder for a basic website.

What is the B2B website example?

One of the best B2B marketplace websites is Indiamart or if we take a small website example then any website with google sales funnel and high conversion can be treated as a good example.

What makes a B2B website successful?

Traffic and Conversion make a b2b website successful don’t forget people who are visiting a b2b website are also smart and cheap information and scammy seeming sites would not work.

How to improve the traffic of the B2B websites?

Highly Targeted blogging and Local SEO would be the best organic traffic sources also SSM and paid advertisement are instant traffic generation options.


Making a B2B website that is beautiful as well as high converting is essential to running the business. Hope you find this article helpful and get some tools to start with.

Need professional help regarding branding and website design do contact me for my service on any of the above mention builders.

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