Best Buy Now Pay Later payment gateways for website

List of Best Buy Now Pay Later payment gateways for your website international as well as Indian payment gateways to look

This blog is for website owners who are looking for the best BNPL payment gateway.

You can choose what works best for you I am not comparing just providing options and its brief feature so let’s explore:


Klarna is one of the first and most popular BNPL payment supported in many countries and one of the easiest payment methods to integrate. It easily integrates with some of the well-known website builders and CRM like Shopify, Wix, salesforce, etc.

Feature Includes:

  • All in one merchant Center
  • 4 interest-free payments and other options
  • Pay now Option
  • Customization
  • Marketing and sales channel solutions

It is overall the best and most popular buy now pay late payment gateway


If your website is for Indian users or India based Razorpay would be the best payment gateway to accept many payment methods including the BNPL option. It offers over 10+ different payment options including all major BNPL cards of India also has a Paypal integration for international users.

It also has integrations for many CRM and website builders like Wix, Shopify, Zoho, woocommerce, etc.

Paypal Credits

If your payment method is already Paypal as it is one of the most common payment gateway they also have a BNPL option which you can enable for converting more sales. It is almost the same as Klarna’s pay-in-4 services and also the Paypal credit option.

It would be a great option to enable if you are planning to introduce the BNPL option on your website even better if already have a PayPal payment gateway.


Affirm is also a well-known name in buy now pay later payment gateway also has a great marketplace too for extra exposure. It also has much integration.

Features Includes:

  • Adaptive Checkout with multiple split options
  • Work best as a secondary payment option with many customizations
  • A marketplace where seller can purchase your products mean more exposure
  • Fees are very low almost zero

It is US-based only so keep in mind about that too.


They claim to have the highest shoppers and most probably it is true they have a huge rise in currently they also have a good number of different website builder integration and low-interest fees

Features Includes:

  • Huge well establish shopper base exposure
  • Split in 4 with 6 week period
  • No credit impact risk-free

Sezzle is growing you can have a look

Split It

Split it is one of the oldest and high customer base payment gateway that allows users to split with their existing card with no new loans. Especially for shoppers, it is more beneficial and easy to use than for business owners but it can create a smooth experience for them. Still, it can be easily integrated with any website.


AfterPay is both easy to integrate BNPL payment gateway also have if you have square POS or payment gateway it is now the part of it too. So many shoppers are ready to purchase with it.


  • 6 Week 4 split interest-free option
  • Easy integrations
  • Part of the Square ecosystem

Definitely worth it. If you already have Square then more valuable too.

Important points on choosing Best BNPL

  • Must check Interest Rate and fees for both Seller as well as your ( I have not mentioned it as many changes happen you must check it and choose accordingly )
  • Full payment, cancellation, policies, etc should be checked.
  • Must check Country supported
  • Many payment gateways have their own shopping marketplace some don’t.
  • All have different technology and ideas so make sure to choose the best that converts most.

These points would be useful in making the right decision for sure

Advantages of BNPL

As a seller, there are many advantages of enabling BNPL to compare to shoppers such as:

  • Large orders and longer contract
  • Chances of returning customers increasing
  • Exposure to Gen Z audience
  • Native BNPL audience of payment gateway

Disadvantages of BNPL

There are disadvantages of shoppers mainly not sellers like buyers may get into loans if not paid indirectly you get some negative results. Sellers’ fees, interest more options mean more management, etc can be a problem.


When it comes to BNPL mostly users pay with their cards but having a payment gateway that allows them to easily do that is an added advantage to your site

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