7 Best online automation tools (Review & Compared)

Automation is the number one priority of many companies and individuals, especially Productivity and marketing. This list will show some of the best online automation tools to make your work easy

How do automation tools work?

Well, It is quite technical but in simple words, it creates a link between two or more apps with API and webhooks to make repetitive tasks automated like when a form is filled automatically stored in sheets, and sends an automatic email.


By Far Zapier is the best and most reliable automation tool supporting the highest number of different solutions for almost all major website builders, CRM, Productivity and Office tools, etc. Over 4000 Different solutions and also templates to get started :


They have a free plan to get started and later multiple paid options from 19.99 $ according to the features and tasks you want. Definitely one of the best options to start with


Make formerly known as Integromat is another popular automation tool with great UI and easy to use interface. The best part is it has a no-code workflow builder with more than 1000 apps to connect. Also, many premade templates to get started

Similar to all it also has a free plan to start and a later paid plan started with 9$

Features Include:

  • No-code workflow builder
  • Custom apps
  • Collaboration
  • Security Features

One of the best Zapier alternatives too.


This tool is quite new compared to zapier but gaining popularity and have cheap plans compare it to Zapier best to get started with a free plan and later update from 9$ as needed.

Currently, it has around 100 apps supported but covers all major platforms, and more coming soon as time goes

Features Includes:

  • Single and Multiple action Workflows
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • A powerful tool for building workflows
  • Secure


This tool has the most unique apps to integrate and mainly focuses on increasing productivity than marketing although it can do all things any other tool can do with the sleek modern user interface.

With over 700+ services including Internet Things automation. With a very unique unlimited task free plan and paid plan for extra functionality starting at 5$

Features Include:

  • Simple no-code integrations
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure and speed optimize
  • Simple and multiple workflow creation

Zoho Flow

This is a more business and CRM-oriented automation tool especially if you have a ZOHO CRM and there are many other integrations possible. However, it is not that user friendly as others in my view but best for complex business-oriented workflows

It has a free trial of 15 days and then a plan paid starts with 10$ with additional add ons as you use

Feature Include:

  • No Code Workflow builder
  • Secure and collaboration options
  • Multiple Condition logic workflows
  • Many Customization


With over 800+ apps it is one of the best zapier alternatives in terms of pricing and has all similar features to zapier although its user interface is not that well designed it can be price saving option

It’s has a free plan and paid plans to start at 19.99$ but with more tasks per month than any other similar tools

Feature Includes:

  • Simple and Multi-step task
  • Conditional Tasks
  • Collaboration
  • Secure
  • Auto try


If you run complex automation at a large scale or have a large company and want an enterprise-type automation tool this can be the best choice. It is more a B2B type tool you have to pay as you go and it has quite a complex features that you or your developers can explore and set up.

I think it is a great option for medium and large businesses in need of a powerful automation tool to go with it has almost all necessary


Another premium very powerful and complex automation tool for medium to large scale companies pricing starting at 1000$ per month. I know it’s a lot but many big companies use it for high-scale automation.

It has 400+ apps with many APIs and Automation, especially for business use


Hopefully, You found some amazing tools to make your life easier, and let me know in the comment what are some of the best automation you will make this type of tool.

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