7 Best Shopify Landing Page builder (Review & Compared)

Shopify landing page builders are the best way to make high-quality pages choose the best page builder for your shop. Read full blog

How to Choose the best Shopify Page builder

I would say most Shopify page builder have almost the same feature it really depends on what page builder you are comfortable with also every page builder have its USP so you can choose based on your needs, budget, and comfort.


Pagefly is the most popular and one of the best Shopify page builders. It includes many features such as easy to use editor, mobile editor, clean and fast code, Lazy loading, etc apart from that premade templates and section gives an additional benefit.

It also has a free plan to start with and other paid plans starting at 29$ per month


If you want a Wix or WordPress level customization then Gempages is what you must look for one of the best page builders with all necessary features like Drag & Drop Builder, Many templates and elements to use from, SEO, and speed optimization also High-speed CDN.

It doesn’t have any free plan but a trial and 15$ per month to start with which is a reasonable amount compared to others

Ecom Solid

High conversion-focused page builder with free conversion booster elements and with all other features like Visual Editor, Lazy Loading, Responsive Design, 150+ Templates, Global Style, SEO Optimization. I personally like this page builder very much when it comes to optimization.

It also has an amazing free plan to start with and a premium plan starts at 19$ per month


A relatively new page builder but with good potential and the most affordable page builder currently with features like live editor, responsive design, custom code, Seo and speed optimization, and much more. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

It has a pretty awesome free plan and also a cheap 9$ plan to start with


Shogun is the most advanced and easy-to-use page builder not only for Shopify but also for big commerce and sales force too. It has 30+ High-quality elements and many templates to start with also SEO friendly and developer friendly oo.

It starts at 39$ per month little expensive in my view but at the time very powerful.

Layout Hub

I really like their premade template and sections collection and they have some of the best templates in every niche that you can import and directly edit straight away. Apart from that has all the necessary page builders should have.

It has a free plan but limited options and a premium plan starts at 14.99$ per month


A company with two amazing and successful apps upsell and page builder and both are premium tools and have features that are made for best conversion with all necessary features like Drag and Drop Builder, AB testing, Member area, etc.

This tool is quite expensive I would only recommend it if you are only earning good money and have a budget to invest in starting with 69$ per month.

Should I use Shopify Landing Page Builders?

Yes, You should as Shopify has limited customizations and such a powerful landing page builder can effectively increase your sales you can start with free ones.

Which is the Best Shopify Page builder?

For starting Pagefly, Ecom solid and Tapita should be the best option according to me as it is free to start and affordable. You can also try Gempages as it most easy to use and comfortable builder but paid.


Each page builder is capable of creating amazing things I would you to go with whatever is in your budget and you feel comfortable using it.

You can use any builder according to your niche if you want to get more benefits from I do provide Shopify services you can reach out to me.

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