Dropshipping guide for beginners

Want to learn the basics of drop shipping business in simple language you are the right article check out now to learn more

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping basically means where you sell a low-cost product with your commissions on hire rates through marketing.

It is one of the high-risk high-gain businesses you will need to find a good product in order to be successful in dropshipping.

In this blog I will teach everything about dropshipping and how can you start it.

Method of dropshipping

So basically, you will find how to find a low-cost product that can be delivered worldwide easily and that product should have high demand in the market then you can promote it in many ways which I will discuss:


You can list your products on Google and other places. It is a slow process and drop shippers don’t recommend it if you want to do so you can do affiliate marketing instead.

Paid ads

Mostly you have to run very highly optimized ads for a specific target for that product and sell them in a way that its commission is higher than ad spend.

There are many courses available for dropshipping and I would recommend if you are serious take one of them which is given by someone who has already done it

After you receive an order you simply have to order on their behalf with the same details they gave.

How to choose a right product

You should check all these things before choosing a product it will reduce the risk of losses and increase the chances of success

Low-cost products with very little competition and high ratings also available worldwide or in major countries should be your first preference

You can also copy successful dropshipping products by analyzing their advertisements and websites and trying to replicate them with similar or the same products with some uniqueness.

Seasonal and high-demand products. There are some high times when people buy more than usual and it is the right time to increase your sales and ads budget mostly in festivals, the salary release date of that area, etc.

Don’t depend on just one product, try to find 7 to 10 different products and experiment with them.

Earning potential

Dropshipping industry has steady growth and can become a very good source of income but it may not be long term in many cases

I personally don’t like dropshipping business but in short term, it is a very good business to start if you have some extra money and take the risk

You can also integrate print on demand in this business too also try to build some email list and audience side by side for a safer side

Things required to start dropshipping

Apart from ads budgets and products, there are some basic requirements to start dropshipping as a professional business which I am gonna tell you

Website builder

You will need a good eCommerce website with all the necessary features. Some of the best tools for it are Shopify and ecwid. There are many other alternatives too.

Graphic designing software

You will need to design ad banners, small videos, etc for differentiating your products from competitors and creating a good professional image so it can be sold at high prices you can use Photoshop or canva for it

Email marketing software

If you think your dropshipping business can be expanded and there are some returning buyers then you can collect their emails and retarget them.

Initially, these 3 requirements should work perfectly fine.


I am not an expert at dropshipping but I tell you all the beginner things by doing research and analyzing successful drop shippers and their stores.

Comment below your dropshipping strategies so other readers can know it

How profitable is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable businesses with profit there is always risk involved too if you fail to succeed. So remember this

What do I need to know before dropshipping?

I have already discussed above everything you may need to know at the start but surely it is continually growing and learning new things and facing new challenges.

Is dropshipping illegal?

Well, Dropshipping is a risky business and there are many complications. You are safe until there is no complaint or violation happens. So, make sure everything is ethical.

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