All about freelancing | Ultimate Guide

What is freelancing?

It means doing work on your own time and all decisions remain with you.

So basically, a self-employed person working with no single company but a number of projects at its on time

There are various ways of doing this and also have advantages and disadvantages will discuss all this in detail

Advantages of freelancing

So let us start with advantages first

Time and decision freedom

You can choose your own projects at your own rate as you are comfortable and also the time it will take to complete and there is no long boss system.

At your location

You can work whatever place you want of course you will need internet in all this stuff you need to complete that with you.

Free to work on multiple projects

You can earn as much as you can as there is no restriction on how many projects you can take as long as you complete them perfectly


You can take multiple experiences that you cannot take through a particular job. It helps in the future too.

Disadvantages of freelancing

There are some serious issues with freelancing nowadays

Trust and experience issue

You will need to hustle at starting to gain some trust and experience and have to produce some good testimonials and projects to get consistent work.

No consistency

There might be a period where there will be no job for you so you continuously have to find new opportunities through different methods. I will discuss it later

Time freedom becomes a burden

It may feel uncomfortable if you have to take on too many projects while handling it, these may cause stress in your life.


There is a lot of competition on the internet and might be a price war unless you have a very extraordinary skill

Different types of freelancers

Full-time freelancer

Those who were chosen full-time as a freelancer and happy with it are known as full-time freelancers.

Part-time freelancers

Those who want to work part-time as a freelancer for some extra money for learning new skills.

They might want to change and try to analyze it should they quit their job or not.

Different methods of finding new clients

Ultimately in freelancing platform one of the hardest parts is getting clients


Whether it is online or offline networking is one of the best way to get new clients, especially at starting you can ask your relatives or friends for some initial work

Social media platforms

If you have a good following or can show some good work on social media you might be contacted for new work on a regular basis.

Are some of the platforms

Specific forums and groups

If you have a powerful skill in a particular group of people there might be some groups and forums where you can ask for work like click funnel they were very large groups on Facebook


I don’t prefer it because there will be huge exploitation in these marketplaces. You can find new marketplaces for upcoming jobs but marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer are no more useful


You can ask your existing clients for new work or tell them to refer other people.

How to differentiate and be successful

As I told you there is a huge competition and you have to build some authority to get consistent work it can be done if you do something different from others

Make a professional website and portfolio

You have to make an awesome portfolio of your work if possible you can also blog around your services.

Make sure it includes a good design, sales funnel, testimonial, and call to action.

Promote yourself and make a following on social media

You can start making content for 4 to 5 different social media channels which suit best for your services.

Do make a YouTube channel and LinkedIn for sure

Other methods

Try to win some awards in your skill

Partner with other freelancers for gaining trust

Find new opportunities and trends around your services and be the first to give that service.

You can also use paid ads for the promotion of your service to make sure it is targeted.

I am sure this will help you in getting initial clients

Earn extra money

You can earn some extra money from your clients with these methods

Upsell services

Try to give more and more services one by one after buyer is satisfied they will surely buy it as they have trust on you

Recurring services

You can make your services like this so that they have to buy them again and again. It will increase your overall client’s value.

Refer them affiliate products

You can be a fit at a referral of some of the products in your niche and can a little bit from it too by referring it to your current

Tools for freelancing

It mainly depends on the skills but here I am going to talk about some of the common tools that every freelancer will need

Project management tool

You should have a tool that can help in managing your contracts and proposals and also have a system where you can interact with your client

Communication channels

In this world, you will need to communicate with your client on various platforms or you can choose one common platform like zoom or slack type platforms.

My favorite tool for this is zoom and Fiverr Workspace

Switch from freelancing to business

You can be a successful freelancer but it is not always true that you will get 100% time freedom and financial freedom in most cases there will be more and more Boss on you as a client

So you have to build a way where you are to work low and make some extra income

Becoming an agency is one of the best ways to overcome it as you will always be an expert in your field and you can hire someone with work and you just implement strategies around it and do client communications

Another good model is building assets around your services like courses, ebooks, or any tool or any way you can build a passive income

Also, you should be investing too


Hope I cleared all the basis of freelancing it will be best for a new freelancer to know all this thing

Let me know your advice on it in the comments

Is freelancing good for beginners?

Yes, For gaining trust and experience freelancing is good at starting but may need to build an agency or other income source afterward for full freedom

How much does a beginner freelancer earn?

You can earn as much as you can if you have skills and follow all steps ethically also even if you are a complete beginner

Which marketplace is best for freelancing?

I would suggest Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer but personally, I would say don’t Depend on it completely as they are highly competitive.

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