Best Website design Builders for real estate (Review & Compared)

Looking for creating a real estate website for lead generation, a property listing marketplace with IDX/MLS check Best real estate website builders :


WordPress has been by far the best website builder for real estate business owners. It has some really cool plugins that make creating a real estate website very easy.

Types of real estate websites you can make with WordPress:

  • Home Seller’s and Buyer Website
  • A website with IDX Listing
  • Business Website with lead generation Capabilities
  • And Pretty Much any type of website

WordPress is CMS so it requires many Plugins to get started also a hosting provider and CRM to make it work properly functional.

Some of the very useful real estate plugins


Intagent is a self-hosted platform especially for creating real estate websites with many premade proven templates and a powerful CRM to manage and capture leads with IDX Add ons.

You can create any type of website for your real estate business also they have experts to help you with the development project.


Squarespace is another website builder not specifically for real estate but can be modified to get an easy-to-use platform for your website. I would recommend it if you don’t want a high-level website but a website to capture leads and easy to mage then it can be the best choice.

Also, It has many plugins for extra functionality and any CRM can be easily integrated with it


If you are looking for a full-service real estate platform then this can be the best choice to get started it has a solid easy-to-use front & Backend specifically designed for creating a website and running a smooth real estate website.

This can be the best option if you have money and don’t want to go very complicated it is easy to start and No coding is required everything is premade


This is also a self-hosted real estate website building platform that has some of the most lucrative templates and features to start with.

It has the best user interface to work with and manage your website. A little expensive compared to others but reasonable with the feature and experience they provide


This website builder has a WordPress plugin too as well as a separate hosted platform to get started that contains all the features you may be looking for in a real estate website. It has 4 Plans

Agents and Broker & Team Plan for Plugin as well as the self-hosted platform.

If you want to use any Website builder like WordPress then go with the plugins plan. If you want to use it separately and don’t want to use WordPress then go with the self-hosted website Plans


Godaddy website builder can be a good choice but may limit some features as it is not specifically made for Real estate websites. Still, you can create a decent with all necessary features in the most budget option with the GoDaddy website builder

Will, need to add CRM and IDX/MLS integrations separately but it is to add you can refer to Godaddy Help center or ask their support system.


Which is the best website builder for real estate websites?

It depends on your needs like features you want, budget, and also how easy it is to maintain for you or your team.

What should a real estate website have?

It should have all the features it needs especially a strong CTA for lead captures and a CRM to manage leads properly. Also, a good website builder for creating better design

how to monetize a real estate website?

The best way is your business apart from that if your website is popular to may get good sponsorship and many other offers too.


I have listed all the best possible ways

You can choose the best one that matches your needs these are some of the best ways to create your real estate website. Hope you enjoy this article if you need any help with modifying your website, SEO, or any problem you can avail my services by contacting

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