10+ Best Form, Quiz, Survey, Builders for Website (Review & Compared)

Are you looking for a perfect online form builder capable of building Customize forms, quizzes, surveys, etc? This is the ideal list you should definitely check out

There are many form builders with their own pros and cons will list all the features of all current best form and quizzes builders that you can refer to and choose for your business.


Typeform all-time best form builder with all the features that you can get on any form builder with an interactive drag and drop builder with all necessary features.

Its pricing is based on form response starting at 25$ monthly and more

Features Includes:

  • Conditional logic and branches
  • Webhooks and many Integrations
  • Accept Payment
  • Calculator
  • Unlimited forms and questions

You can create forms, quizzes, calculators, polls, surveys, and much more many templates available to get started


Jotform is another popular form builder. It has a huge library of templates and components/widgets to include and build customized forms.

It starts with a free plan with limited features and a premium plan starting at 24$ monthly pricing is based on the responses you get

Features Includes:

  • Create almost any type of form with a drag and drop builder.
  • Highly secure and accept payment
  • Tons of templates
  • Conditional logic and advanced form fields

You can create everything like forms, polls, surveys, quotes, etc.

WordPress Form Builders

WordPress is the most common website builder and there are special plugins to explore for creating forms for your sites

Wp Forms

If you are looking for an easy-to-use WordPress plugin for form management and creation you can check wp form with a very easy-to-use form builder with all necessary features.

Wp Form has a free plan with limited features and premium plans start at 39$ yearly

Features Includes:

  • Entries Management
  • Advance fields and logic
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Multipage form with payment
  • Secure and spam protection
  • Many other integration and addons

It is best to create forms but for quizzes and more customization, it is a little difficult to work within my experience.


Forminator is made by wpmudev it is free to use and has some of the best features at the most affordable price starting at 5$ per month.

Features Includes:

  • Forms, quizzes, poll builder
  • Secure and accept payments
  • E signatures and many addons
  • Condition logic and calculator
  • Many integrations

If you are after a feature-packed form builder for wordpress sites it can be the best option too.

Gravity Forms

Gravity form is the easiest to use wordpress plugin for form building and the pricing is a bit premium side starting at 59$ per year, For essential features, it requires higher plans but overall an easy to use form builder

Features Includes:

  • Most easy to use form builder
  • Many fields and conditional logic
  • Integrations and Addons for extra functionalities
  • Webhooks for automation
  • Secure and accept payment

If you have a budget recommend going with this tool.

Ninja Forms

Similar to Wpforms ninja forms is also a free plugin to start with but for premium features requires addons or membership starting at 49$ per year

Features Includes:

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • All necessary fields and addons of condition logic and multi-step form
  • Secure and spam protection
  • Unlimited form and submissions

It has some limitations and has addons for extra functionality that can check and use accordingly.

Involve me

If you want a lead generation or product recommendation quizzes for your website then involve me can be the best choice it is very easy to use and have a free plan to start with and a premium plan starting at 19$ per month

Features Includes:

  • Highly customizable builder
  • Unlimited project, fields, and form pricing is a response basis
  • Many integrations
  • Secure and accept payment
  • Many Use cases

If you want a lead generation and sales funnel type form builder then it is the best choice.


If you miss any feature on other platforms this form builder has all features you want and can be possible with one of the biggest libraries of templates to start with.

It has a free trial and 20$ per month to start with. Pricing is quite impressive compared to all the features it has

It includes everything from Builder, advanced fields logic, quizzes, security, payment, integrations, signature, and much more.


With over 400+ templates for different use cases, it is a get-started form builder. It has all the features a form builder should have like Condition logic, advance fields, docu sign, spam protection and security, payment, Partial Form Submission, etc.

Also, it has a free plan and a premium plan that starts at 14.99$ per month.

The only con is it has an outdated user interface and form builder compared to others not easy to handle


It is a mixture of form platforms and document platforms like hello sign it has all the features of both and can be best for companies and corporate also it has a premium pricing starting at 50$ per month for form only and 360$ per month for all solutions very high compared to others on the list.

Can go with it if you have a budget and looking for premium software.


Pabbly is a complete email marketing solution and has many other solutions one of them is their form builder pretty straightforward pricing per form with all features and no additional addons in 10$ per month

It is the best choice to get started at the best price if you just want some forms with unlimited submission instead of submission based pricing


If you want to create product recommendation quizzes for sales then Revenuehunt is the best solution for it.

It has a free plan to get started and paid plan starting at 39$ per month

Works with major 7 platforms Shopify, woocommerce, Wix, Square Space, Big-commerce, magneto, and google feed.

Features Include:

  • Drag and drop advance customize quiz builder
  • Dynamic results
  • Inbuild CRM for entries
  • Condition logic

Product recommendation makes your buyer’s experience very guided so should definitely have a look at this type of builder that’s why I included it here

Zoho Forms

Zoho is one of the best and most affordable CRM and also it has a very powerful form builder to purchase separately if you want it has all the necessary features with the best price and more submissions compared to others.

It has a free plan to get started and 7$ as starting price one of the cheapest option with so many features

Some Free Form Builder

They might have limited functionality but can be a good option too for anyone who doesn’t specially want a premium form builder.

  • Google Form
  • Hubspot Form
  • Contact Form 7, wp forms free plugins for WordPress
  • Microsoft Forms


What is Form Builder?

Form Builder is drag and drop form creator with many pre-build fields and settings to make your form ready without any code also has many other features according to the platform

What is the best way to create forms?

There are many ways of creating forms like with custom coding or using any office tools but the best way to make it with form builders is as they have many functionalities.

What is the best form builder?

It depends on your needs I have listed all the best form builders with different approaches personally I like Typeform, involve me and pabbly the best but still I am saying it depends on your needs.

How do I make an online form for free?

Almost all form builders have a free option and also I have mentioned all the best free options. If you want a free form builder then google forms is best.


I think you will find the best form or Quiz builder according to your requirements. Have a complex form or Quiz to design or need any help with the above tools can avail yourself of my service by contacting me will reach out as soon as possible.

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