Youtube Guide for the beginner

Want to start a successful Youtube channel then this is the perfect guide to start with just read and start your success journey

Why YouTube?

As you all know YouTube is the second-largest website with the most active users. It is necessary to build an audience on YouTube whether it is personal or for brands. There are limitless possibilities and opportunities to earn money and fame

How to start a YouTube channel

It is very simple you can create an account and start uploading videos but it is not simple when it comes to choosing a topic and growing it I am going to tell you all the possible ways to get success on YouTube

Choose a niche

As an individual or company, it is necessary to build your audience in a particular niche and make relatable videos if possible also do keyword research and all possible SEO to make an evergreen position on YouTube.

Optimize your YouTube channel

By optimizing I mean making a good-looking logo, banner, and thumbnails in a consistent design pattern

Write a proper description, about us and give all the necessary information possible

Also, try to use all the features of YouTube studios and optimize it according to your likes and video promotion, info card, intro videos featured videos, etc

Analyze your audience

Try to experiment on the basis of studio analytics and add as much value as you can to improve your video quality

Promote your videos

To promote your videos on all social media through an omnichannel approach and gain some initial boost you can also promote through paid ads if you have the budget to gain some early engagement.

Be consistent

If you don’t get views or subscribers can also be consistent and try to improve your content and you will get success. It’s all about consistency.

These are some basic steps to follow at the start of the channel then you can optimize it as per your needs

We will discuss some advanced tips, at last, to get results quicker

Earning methods through YouTube

There are limitless options to earn from YouTube once you build a good audience in your niche and discuss some of the best.


As soon as you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours you can monetize your YouTube videos and earn a decent amount it mostly depends on the demography and type of audience you have

Affiliate marketing

I have a complete blog on affiliate marketing. YouTube is one way to get a commission. There is a very high chance of getting a good commission in return for promoting a good value product for your audience

As I always say don’t promote any fake or nonrelated product

Brand deals

If you have a good following, good brands can reach you for their promotion, or in return, you can tell them you can help and promote them and get a good brand deal with a good amount of money.


Selling customized merchandise for your audience is for those who have a good fan base, especially personal.

Own products and services

If you have a product or service to offer you can make videos around it promoting it and reaching potential clients this is one of the best organic ways to get a number of clients.


Any expert in a particular field with a good number of followers on YouTube can sell their courses very easily.


If you are a streamer or someone looking for crowdfunding in exchange for value YouTube is an excellent platform to start with there are plenty of options from where you can want to tell your channel through donations or ask them directly on Patreon or a similar service.

These are some of the best ways to monetize your YouTube channel don’t do anything that hurts the audience try to be as loyal as you can

Things you should not do on YouTube

Follow all the policies of YouTube and don’t violate them in any condition, especially with copyrights, hate speech, etc

Don’t try to sell any scam product or service live gambling apps, illegal apps, etc.

Doing something unethical for society can lead to serious damage.

Don’t Copy someone on YouTube to be successful, try something new, or add some value.

Basic tools needed to start a YouTube channel

A device for shooting

It can be anything camera on mobile. It doesn’t matter if you provide valuable information or do some awesome entertainment.

Graphic design tool

For making thumbnail banners, logos, and other things you will need some kind of graphic designing tools like Photoshop, Canva, or any other tool.

Video editing tool

If you are on mobile kinemaster is one of the best video editing tools for PC Premiere Pro or any other alternator that will work. filmora is also a good option.

This is the basic thing needed if you have this most often will just start doing it.

Apart from that as you grow you can invest more in the quality of video through high-budget gadgets and tools

Best niches to start

Tech and gadgets
Health and Fitness
Product and services
Public speakers

These are some hot topics apart from that you can start with any topic you want that matches your knowledge and passion and there will be an audience for that niche too.

Some advanced tips

Leverage the shorts and stories option of YouTube as it is giving too much popularity and will be the future of YouTube too

If you make long-form videos make a shorter chapter of it as YouTubers are ranking it separately

Make a series or episode-type content too it helps in increasing subscribers as they are curious about the next part

Try to collaborate with similar YouTubers who are bigger or have some following. It will help both to succeed.

Try to analyze it on google trends about new trends for videos in your niche


I try to explain it as simply as I can hope you understand and can begin with YouTube soon

If you have more experience I want to add something please share it in the comments

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