27 Best successful Affiliate marketing website examples

See the best successful affiliate marketing website examples from India, US, and other countries to understand and get inspiration.

General Affiliate Website

These all are big brands that have huge authority once started as affiliates and small news publications now turn into big companies through digital content creation and expansion.


One of the biggest and most content-generating general tech news and affiliate site. It ranks on almost all the big keywords and is also part of various ads network and affiliate programs. They also sponsor paid ads and CPC slot ads. This site is a publication and many people working on its own by future plc mainly as per my knowledge.

Nerd Wallet

Nerd wallet started as an investment affiliate site currently worth 500 million $ estimated and one of the biggest affiliate sites. They expanded on all topics related to finance and ranked on the most competitive finance keywords organically.

Toms Guide

It is one of the oldest affiliate websites still surviving generating reviews it is similar to tech radar and ranks on many highly competitive tech-related transactions keywords and also expanded in news and general niches too, generating 30 million + traffic every month.


It started as a technology affiliate magazine-style blog now expanded into various niches and also produces news content. Earning primarily most ads, affiliates, and sponsors. Their main revenue comes from highly detailed review posts as affiliates.


Wired is a large publication and operates on a huge scale in general tech and related niches and has managed to achieve multiple revenue streams still affiliate is one of its revenue streams and also sponsors press releases and its news app subscription too.

Digital Trends

This is also a top-rated news publication and blog related to the technology general niche. They touch 15 million + traffic every month and their major source of revenue is affiliating with the best buy, amazon, etc. Apart from that sponsorship and ads are other revenue sources.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is one of the most successful blogs in the design and tech niche it started as a graphic design blog now expanded into multiple niches and also entered it producing news. Still, the majority of revenue arrives from affiliates and sponsorship currently generating over 8 million + traffic according to similar web data

Amazon Affiliate Website

These are all small sites that started as amazon affiliate websites and created a microblog around it successfully generating passive income now.

PC Part Picker

It is solely focused pc parts and provides buying guide, how-to, and other keyword rankings on some of the most highly competitive transactional keywords around the Personal computer niche. You can see how well designed and easy to use their website is. They are mainly affiliated with amazon also other sponsors and marketplaces recently. Generating over 4 million traffic per month.

Home Grounds

A brewing and beverages niche blog generating over 500k + traffic every month their revenue mainly comes from appliances they have affiliates through amazon and sponsorships. Mainly content is around

Laptop Mag

An affiliate blog solely focused on laptops it is a magazine-style very minimal and easy to navigate blog covering everything about laptops their reviews, buying guide, ranking, and much more affiliated with Amazon and other marketplaces.


It is a music-related affiliate website affiliated mainly with amazon it ranks in highly competitive music industries on all tools best buy keywords and generates over 800K traffic per month. Also, their website is easy to use and highly focused.


A book summary blog affiliate with amazon kindle mainly generates 500k traffic easily. Generally, book commissions are low but they also get prime subscriptions and sponsor revenue too also they have their own products separately.

Software and tools Affiliate Website

Such affiliate websites generate huge revenue as software and digital tools commissions are very high compared to physical products also recurring income.


Hosting advice is the best blog when it comes to analyzing and finding the best hosting for your business. It has covered almost all hosting keywords and now also focuses on news and updating its old content regularly. Still, they are having a downfall due to increasing competition in this field.


There are many email providers, lead generation, and similar tools. So, they created a blog around it and take this opportunity to create detailed reviews and content around it. Their current traffic is low but compared to their age it has done pretty well.


As Online education is at its peak and upcoming trends there are many software and platforms coming out to help them, especially software like Kajabi, Thinkific, etc. So, they provide complete reviews and buying guides and earn good enough commission through it.


I personally like this blog due to its design and customer experience and how easy it is to navigate they are in general software niche and provide complete guides and tools list and do affiliate and sponsor listing too.


Today, Everyone needs a website, and what’s the best way of making one they are website builders and there is a handful of website builders available to choose from this is where this website helps and provides a direction and earns an affiliate commission.

Personal Affiliate Website

Personal blogs are operated by the name of a real person and can be best make real connections and interactions at the same time can be affiliate sites also it is necessary that you should only write content.

Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy successfully grew his blog to over 500k traffic per month in 2 years with one of the most profitable blog. The main income source of this blog is affiliate revenue and sponsorship apart from that he sells courses and also has a YT channel. The blog is mainly about software reviews, blogging, and SEO-related niche.

Blogger Passion

This blog is the personal blog of an Indian person named Amit Agrawal it is around stories, online earning, blogging, and SEO and generates a good amount of traffic and have successfully generated over 10K $ per month even after it is located in India where CPC and affiliate payout is low majority of this blog earning comes from hosting and software affiliates.

James clear

With over 1 million + visits per month and best-selling author of the famous book atomic habits, it is one of the oldest personal blog. Well, It is not completely an affiliate blog but they do affiliate smartly in many ways in posts, footer, and also through books.

Kripesh Advani

Kripesh Advani owns one of the fastest-growing blogs and youtube channels. His content mainly revolves around hosting, software reviews, and some informational content. The best part about his blog is everything is well experimented.


I have just started my blog but surely I fall under this category and my main target is to generate software affiliate reviews by providing the best suggestions according to my experience. I am dedicated to growing this blog and will surely be successful soon.

Other Affiliate Website

Some of the very unique websites I found when I did research that is worth sharing so that you understand there are many different options.

Diamond pro

This site is literally affiliated with diamond sellers so you can imagine their commissions getting 700K + traffic every month. They provide buying guides and target all diamond-related keywords and ranking over them includes reviews, certifications, buyer, and informational keywords.

Cash Karo

An Indian startup created an affiliate site that offers a normal user selling platform all in one place and when they buy through them they receive a commission and they take some part of it and give users some money in name of cash back.


Grabon is an affiliate coupon site in India and soon going international too generating over 3 million visits per month also they are highly warm audience interested in finding coupons from which they get commissions.

Luxe digital

Luxe.digital is a blog that focuses on luxury items, stories, and businesses mainly still they are now moving toward being a general site. Being in the luxury sector commissions and quality of the audience is pretty high still they manage to get 1 million + traffic every month.


India’s biggest automobile niche affiliate blog that provides each and every model reviews, comparison, and related products too. It is currently getting over 10 million visits and was recently acquired by car dekho.


I Try to bring a list of as many different niches as possible you can make an affiliate website on any niche taken care it has good commission and quality traffic.

The most difficult part of creating an affiliate site is how well you structure it and what content you put on the site according to your niche.

You can check my full guide on affiliate marketing for beginners.

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