25+ Best social media analytics tools(Updated)

We have brought all current market-leading social media analytics tools and categorized them accordingly too.

We suggest using premium tools only if you have a big enough audience to analyze or you can use free tools.

If you have no budget or who have lots of budgets this list covers you perfectly and reduces lots of guesswork.

Analytics tools for Instagram

Here is the list of all analytics tools for Instagram

Instagram Analytics

For accessing Instagram insights turn your account into a business account then you can find many valuable insights and it is the most accurate data as they record it perfectly and you can take many decisions based on it.


Minter claims itself as pure analytics for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Well, it might be true or not but they do provide amazing data analytics for Instagram for sure features like:

Insights, charts, engagement data, story, IGTV data, brand mentioning tracker, hashtag analysis, Instagram audit, etc.

Also, it has decent pricing for all including Instagram starting at 9$ per month


Tailwind is a social media management tool for 3 platforms Instagram, Facebook, and interest but for Instagram, it is one of the best and also cost-effective starting at just 10$. It includes every feature from Content creation to analytics.

Analytics tools for Twitter

Twitter Analytics

As I said the best analytics tool for any social media is its own inbuilt tool that you can leverage same goes with Twitter it has analytics tools after making your profile professional. The only limitation is you don’t get competitor and external data for which you need other tools.


Audiense helps find Audience insights and influencers it is specifically made for Twitter and can be used for competitor research, content creation ideas, Lead generation, Twitter marketing, ads, and much more.


This is also a Twitter analytics tool that can help in finding new followers, leads, and content for the audience. Also, it has a free plan and various pricing paid plans. Best if you are a beginner and want to grow your Twitter profile.

Analytics Tools for Facebook

Facebook Analytics

Facebook is the center of data and one of the oldest social networks and Facebook Insight is a great tool to find more about your audience. If you run ads then you will get more data through pixel and Facebook dashboard too. You can check Facebook business suite, Creator Studio, and Insights for all data.

Analytics tools for Pinterest

Pinterest Analytics

Once you make your interest account business you will find many insights of your audience also if you claim the website add the tag and also run ads you can get pretty powerful analytics data very quickly and efficiently.

Analytics tools for Linkedin

Shield app

This is the only tool that provides specialized analytics data for LinkedIn. Some of the features include Content metrics, Network stats, Audience demographics, Speed and traction metrics, Custom content labels, and Real-time data.

So if you are serious about growing Linkedin and have a good audience for analysis you can go with it starting at 6$ per month

Linkedin Analytics

Linkedin by default provides many free analytics and data also some data is available for free you use their premium services. They also have premium tools like the sales navigator to find new leads can try out that also.

Analytics for Youtube


Ahref is the best SEO tool out their Google but very few use it for youtube it also has a great list of keywords for youtube an improving day by day. Ahref team also knows the future is on social media and what’s better than youtube so they are double down on it and you can find profitable keywords there.


Tubebuddy is the oldest tools analytics platform for youtube and continuously updates its services. It has over 100+ features and has become necessary for any professional youtube out there.


You can take VidIQ as the keyword planner for youtube it can show you your performance on a particular keyword, Helps in finding new keywords, and Highly focus on youtube video SEO audit. As you can’t find youtube’s own keyword tool so such a tool can make your work easy.

Youtube studio

For the most accurate insights you will need to refer to YT studio and figure out what your audience wants and what not you can also run ads based on that to acquire new similar people to your channel. It can also help in increasing revenue like putting ads before most audience leaving time etc.

Analytics for other social media platforms


Exolyt is the best platform for TikTok analytics and also has other features like helping to find trends, hashtags, and songs. Helps in getting audience insights, competitor tracking, etc. Pricing is currently a bit high because they have a monopoly.

We will add any new tool coming out for any other platform here or you can suggest any in the comments

Multipurpose Analytics tools

Some Unique multipurpose analytics tools that you can explore for extra insight. Check out the below option

Google Analytics and Trends

It is widely used for SEO and content purposes but you can also use it for your social media like seeing a trend and making content around it ranking on future hashtags. Can also check traffic data that is coming from social media and double down on that audience.


It helps in creating a custom dashboard for all your client or anyone. It helps in monitoring it clearly. It has much integration including all well-known social media to pull data from instantly.

Start with 19$ per month


It is the most advanced social media analytic tool with premium pricing starting at 345$ per month. It includes all major social media analytics, advanced customization, automated reports, and much more.


It is an AI-based all-in-one social media marketing tool that has solid analytics and audience data with all major social media management tools. Also has influencer marketing, brand monitoring, and much more. They provide customized plans so if you are interested checkout.

Rival IQ

It is one of the best tools for competitive analysis and brand monitoring. Also, it has some amazing features like:

Boosted Post Detection and analytics

All major social media except Pinterest

Hashtag analytics

Brand monitoring and much more

But It is a premium tool starting at 239$ per month it is for companies to analyze their competition perfectly.

Social Media Management tools with analytics list

This is the list of social media management tools with powerful analytics capabilities but only purchase if you need SMM with good analytics as such :


It is an all-in-one social media management tool focused on analytics data and has some advanced features that might miss by popular SMM platforms.

Platform It Supports:

  • TikTok Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Media Monitoring

Features It Includes:

  • Influencer Tracking
  • Social Media Account Monitoring
  • Hashtag Analytics
  • Publishing & Scheduling
  • Social Media Reporting
  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Twitter Historical Data
  • Social Media Analytics API

Pricing starts at 49$ per month

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another SMM tool that supports multiple platforms and also has many analytics and metrics to look for

Platforms it covers:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin

Analytics Features it Includes:

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Many metrics and charts
  • Competitor research
  • Cross Network Data

Pricing Start at 89$ per month


It is all one content management tool that has almost every integration possible and every feature from Blog content creation to social media management.

  • Platforms:
  • Tiktok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Google my business
  • Twitter
  • And 1000 different integrations
  • Analytics Features:
  • All in one dashboard
  • SEO and buzz monitoring

Pricing starts at 100$

This tool is for bloggers that want to grow social media too and want an all-in-one platform to do so.

Well, all of these are expensive and full SMM tools and almost all good SMM tools have analytics.

Check out the best social media management tools of 2022

Social Media analytics tools with CRM

Some CRM also offers useful Analytics to check for and here is the list of some famous CRM that offer complete social media suits.

CRM is pretty expensive and is for large organizations so is quite expensive too and social media features are integrated with them mostly in the marketing part.


Hubspot has a complete social suite and analytics data for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is integrated with the professional plan which starts with 1000$ better not to go with it but if you or your company already have HubSpot CRM can go updating it.

Salesforce social studio

SalesForce also has a full suite in their marketing Cloud dedicated to social media management and analytics. We know very few individuals or social media marketers use Salesforce. Still, you can check it

Zoho Social

Well in the case of ZOHO, it is different this is one of the cheapest CRM and also you can purchase social suits separately. It is lower priced than many other SMM dedicated platforms and well Features advanced analytics

Going with the premium plan is a good choice and has all major platform support like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business listings, & Pinterest.

Brand Mention and monitoring tools

This type of tool is only useful if you have a Big name already and want to expand and build relationships and trust not for beginners at all. Still, you can use their free Version if any


Buzzsumo is a tool that helps in many ways like finding trends, influencers, content, Shares, Mentions, and alerts. It also has a free plan to start with and check out if it is useful or not.

Buzzsumo is pretty old compared to any other and has TBs of data to check for.


Brand mention is a premium tool that offers:

  • Social Mention Tracking
  • Hashtag Tracker
  • Brand Tracker
  • Multiple sources & social networks monitoring (10+)
  • Many Metrics and analysis
  • Competitor spying
  • Real-time notification

And its pricing starts at 99$ per month


It is a reputation management tool but you can also take it as a brand monitoring tool after all it is the same. Some features of it are:

  • Hashtag tracking
  • Automated reports
  • Measure your marketing / PR efforts
  • Brand mentions are alerts
  • Automated sentiment analysis
  • Instant notification

It starts at 49$ per month and supports almost all platforms


It is a Pretty Straight forward tool that helps you find any mentions also has many other features like:

  • Multiple Monitoring options
  • comprehensive analytics
  • Social Media Publishing also

Pricing includes a free plan but only the highest plans has all Social media platform included

Let’s Wrap it

We are not affiliated with any brand on this list nor this was from ranking or review just a roundup post of different tools.

Also, try to take your social media marketing decision based on solid data maximum time.

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