11+ Best AI Video Generators (Updated Review)

11+ Best AI Video Generators (Updated Review)


Invideo is a multi-usage video editor with many AI tools and a huge stock library

11+ Best AI Video Generators (Updated Review)


If you want to make photorealistic AI Avatars then this is the perfect tool

11+ Best AI Video Generators (Updated Review)


If you are looking for a perfect video editor with all AI features this could be the best option

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Kapwing is the most affordable feature-packed video editor with AI capabilities

Several AI video generator tools available in the market can help you create engaging and professional-looking videos from Avatar videos to whole text to video converter. I will list and review AI Video Editing tools that you can choose according to your needs.

The pricing Listed Here is Not accurate and changes from time to time also country wise

InVideo (Best Text-to-Video AI Video Generator)

Invideo is the easiest-to-use online video editor with recently added AI features it has become very powerful, especially with its huge video stock gallery and text-to-video AI feature combo.

Specially used for stock cash cow youtube videos and editing videos faster. I personally use this video editor as a first choice for template-based video presentations.


6000+ Video Templates
Free Video Sharing
40min video duration
3M+ Standard Media Library
Automated Text to Speech


No watermark on the videos
60 HD video exports/mo
10 iStock media/mo
1M+ Premium Media
20 Remove background/mo
$15/month (Yearly Billed)


No watermark on the videos
Unlimited HD video exports/mo
20 iStock media/mo
1M+ Premium Media
40 Remove background/mo
$30/month (Yearly Billed)


  • Huge Stock assets
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Text to Video Converter
  • All the basic video editing features
  • Good Pricing and support
  • Collaborative and branding features


  • No advanced editing option especially AI voice and noise removers, smart cuts, etc.
  • No subtitles feature
  • Limited background removals

Synthesia (Best AI Avatar Video Editor)

If you want to make a hyper-realistic AI Avatar video then this is the best platform to go currently it has the best features with the lowest pricing in this niche.

I have used this platform for my client’s UI work and work great for companies, especially for website intro videos and explanation videos.

With more than 120+ AI avatars and also an add-on for custom avatar making this tool easily beat any competitor in this sector.


1 seat
10 video credits/month
10 scenes
90+ AI avatars
120+ Languages and Voices
AI script assistant
Built-in screen recorder
Upload images, videos & music
per month billed monthly


Custom number of seats
Unlimited video credits
50 scenes
130+ AI avatars
120+ Languages and Voices
Collaboration features
Priority support
Built-in screen recorder
Upload images, videos & music
AI script assistant


  • Many AI avatar options with realistic text-to-speech conversion
  • Many Language support and tones
  • Affordable pricing
  • Branding and collaborative options with assistant support


  • Limited usage limit
  • Specially made for niche usage not for wide usage as a normal editor

Pictory.ai (Best Overall)

Pictory.ai is a full fledge video editor with almost all recent video editing and AI features and I personally use this video editor as a default for any kind of video editing needs

It has AI background removals, smart cuts, transcription and subtitles option, text-to-video features and much more so currently one of the best video editor

It also has Hindi support so best for Indian Usage too and also supports 7 popular languages currently.


30 videos per month
Text-to-video projects of up to 10 min in length
10 hrs of video transcription/month
Edit existing video recordings up to 1 hr long
3 Branded Templates you can customize and save
5,000 music tracks
 34 text-to-speech AI voices
$ 19
per user/mth


60 videos per month included (Can be customized in-app*)
Text-to-video projects of up to 20 min in length (Can be customized in-app)
20 hrs of video transcription/month
Edit existing video recordings up to 3 hrs long
10 Branded Templates you can customize and Save
15,000 music tracks
60 text-to-speech AI voices
Automatic voice-over synchronization
Automatic video highlights
Hootsuite integration
Bulk download of videos to CSV
$ 39
per user/mth


Custom limit on text-to-video project length
Custom video transcription/mo
Custom video length per upload 
15,000 music tracks
42 text-to-speech AI voices
Automatic voice-over synchronization
Branded intro & outro
Automatic video highlights
Hootsuite integration
Bulk download of videos to CSV
Invoice-based payment
Dedicated account manager


  • Multiple AI editing options make it easier to use
  • Good UI and navigation
  • It can be used for multiple things from text to video to repurposing content
  • Auto subtitles and transcription options


  • Pricing is a little bit high
  • You don’t have the option to start a black project you need to use it like selecting a specific tool

Kapwing (Most Affordable)

It has everything an AI Video Editor should have at the lowest rate. Kapwing offers all AI tools from video generation to noise enhancement and smart cuts.

However, it is a complete video editor so not that beginner-friendly and a little more complex to start with than others on this list but definitely most powerful if you understand it perfectly.


Unlimited exports with a watermark
Create videos up to 7 mins long
Use the auto subtitler for 10 mins/month
720p video quality


No Kapwing watermark on your creations
Create longer videos up to 120 minutes
Unlimited auto-subtitling minutes
4K video quality
Unlimited cloud storage
Access to all AI editing tools
Brand Kit and custom fonts
Collaborative shared workspace with unlimited storage
Consolidated billing
Priority customer support


  • All AI Features
  • Just damn simple pricing that is too affordable
  • Additional Grids and safe zone options
  • Collaborative and branding options


  • Complex and a little slow UI
  • Relatively low stock video (But have plugins to import more stocks)

Opus pro

Opus Pro is still in beta but one of the best video repurposing tool that I have seen till now it automatically add Stylish captions with emojis

It can detect Viral clips and can seriously turn into Short videos very easily that too with AI Face detection

If you are looking for such a video editing tool this might be the best choice

Currently Free In Beta

up to 5 hours of uploaded videos (50 downloadable clips)


  • The best repurposing AI video editor
  • Auto Stylish emoji added subtitles
  • Auto Resizing and Transition options
  • Virality score (Yes, it can show you which part of a long video has potential)


  • Still in Beta
  • Don’t support multi-language
  • Not a complete Video editor just a niche tool


Veed is another similar AI Video Editor with all the features mentioned in other tools till now. However, its User Interface is very modern and easy to use than any other tool in this list.

Although, I really don’t like their pricing model too complicated, especially with their strange limits on subtitle usage. I mean they don’t have addons or extra minutes of subtitles and need to purchase higher plans for that

However, pricing is low and can be a good option if you don’t need that feature specifically

It also has a screen recorder with very advanced options specifically made for like podcast style video editing


Unlimited 720p exports with a watermark
Create videos up to 10 mins long
30 minutes of subtitles per month


Remove our watermark from your videos
Export in 1080p video quality and up to 25 minutes
720 minutes of subtitles
Billed ₹3488 annually, per user


Remove our watermark from your videos
1440 minutes of subtitles
Subtitle translation & export
Library of stock audio, stock video, and templates
AI editing tools like clean audio and text-to-speech
Billed ₹7188 annually, per user


8000 minutes of subtitles
Shared media assets
Custom Templates
Add clickable links to your videos
Video Analytics
4k video exports
Billed ₹18000 annually, per user

Also, have Enterprise Plans custom priced


  • Full fledge video editor
  • Modern UI
  • Live Recording options
  • Branding and collaborative options
  • AI-Generated most accurate subtitles in more than 100 languages.


  • Pricing options are complex
  • Don’t have a text-to-video option yet


This AI Video Editor is specifically made for the blog to video conversion and taking head videos as mentioned. However, it can be used for many other types of video styles like presentation videos or youtube cash cow type videos but surely has some limited features than other similar tools.


Contains Lumen5 watermark
720p video resolution


No Lumen5 branding
Access to icons
1M+ stock images & videos
$19 USD
per month, billed yearly


1080p video resolution
50M+ stock photos & videos
Choose your own font
Custom colours
$59 USD
per month, billed yearly


500M stock photos & videos
Custom watermarks
Upload your own fonts
Multiple saved templates
Multiple brand kits
$149 USD
per month, billed yearly

Also, have an Enterprise Plan


  • Good User interface and editing is much quicker
  • Pricing is good too
  • Best for the blogger who wants to convert a blog into a video
  • Many Stock options
  • Auto caption and other AI Smart cuts options


  • Limited usage with limited features

Deep Brain

Deep Brain is also an AI Avatar video generator but for premium use and a realistic feel. Pricing is a bit too expensive compared to others but it is worth the video it produces also they have many enterprise services and focus on 3D metaverse avatar creations.

Dynamic Pricing

There are 3 Plans with dynamic pricing
according to video length so no fixed pricing
 $30/Month and above


  • Ultra-realistic AI Avatars
  • Auto Subtitles
  • Various stock videos and templates
  • Many Language support


  • Pricing is in the premium sector


Colossyan is also an AI Avatar video editor in the mid-price sector. It has all the features AI Avatar video editor should have but with the most realistic models. However, it has less AI Avatar compared to others on this list

Dynamic Pricing

There are 3 Plans with dynamic pricing
according to video length so no fixed pricing

They also have a free plan to try


  • Realistic AI Avatars
  • Auto Subtitles
  • Many Languages
  • Custom Avatars
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Limited stock AI Avatars


Designs.ai is not just a video AI tool but a suite of many different AI tools. Logo to video AI Generation tool. Let’s specifically talk about their AI Video Maker. I tried it and it was decent in UI and have all the necessary features.

However, there is nothing special extra to talk but surely a great option if you need all AI tools in one subscription including logo, text, image, design, video and even voice in combo.


Unlimited projects
Unlimited usage of 15 million images and video clips within tools
Team members (with shared access) – 1
Premium images/ month – 10
License usage – standard


Unlimited projects
Unlimited usage of 15 million images and video clips within tools
Team members (with shared access) – 5
Premium images/ month – 20
License usage – standard


Unlimited projects
Unlimited usage of 15 million images and video clips within tools
Team members (with shared access) – 15
Premium images/ month – 200
License usage – Enterprise


  • All video editing features with AI features
  • Good Combo Pricing
  • Huge stock library
  • Collaboration and brand kit options


  • The user interface is a little difficult to work with


Replicate is a different type of tool. It is a collection of generative AI tools and charges pay per use basis. You can create unique small video clips just by typing the video description. Not a video editor but a video generator.

This type of technology is still in development so don’t expect it to be accurate at all but in future, such tools will replace many manual video editors

Pay per Use

For starting it is free and then will
charge according to CPU Usage

Make a Video

It is a Meta project making a generative AI that is capable of generating videos similar to current AI Generators. However, it is still in development but you can create some amazing Video Clips with it.

For Safety purposes, they add a watermark currently so distinguish between AI and human content

Currently, it is not public too but one of the things you must know about and understand the AI Video generation capabilities in future


Steve.ai is another video editor with AI usage and what makes it unique is its animation capabilities. Steve AI is an animaker product so also has a huge library of stocks and animations.

However, Steve.ai has separate pricing then animaker and treats it as a different project.


720p video resolution
5 Video Downloads/Month
Multiple Video styles, live-action, and animation
No Steve AI branding
10 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month
$180 / billed Yearly


Everything in Basic, Plus
15 Video Downloads/Month
1080p video resolution
10 voiceover accents in English
25 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month
$540 / billed Yearly


Everything in Starter, Plus
40 Video Downloads/Month
2k video resolution
20 voiceover accents in English
50 Credits to use Premium Assets/Month
$720 / billed Yearly


Everything in Pro, Plus
Unlimited Downloads
4k video resolution
Custom voiceovers
Dedicated account manager
Custom Pricing


  • Huge library of stock videos and other assets
  • Branding and collaboration options
  • Text to video and Animated avatar capabilities
  • Good user interface


  • Only on the list with download limits and also assets usage limits on the pricing plans


This tool is currently the most feature-packed AI content repurpose tool. From AI stylish captions to automatic cuts of shorts from long-form videos.

However, to perfectly use this tool you may need to use the highest plan as it has a video upload limit so going for the Pro+ plan would be best compared to others.


75 minutes of video upload monthly
720p rendering
5GB free storage
Standard Intros & Outros
Standard templates (Landscape, Portrait, Square)
Standard support


300 video upload minutes
1080p video rendering
100GB storage
Brand Template Builder
Custom Intros, Outros & Fonts
All other benefits of FREE


500 video upload minutes monthly
250 GB storage
Priority Support
All other benefits of PRO and FREE


  • AI Captions (Alex Hormozi style too)
  • Video Resizing
  • Auto Face detection and merging
  • The interface is also easy to use


  • Upload minutes are too low for starting plans


AI is constantly involving especially generative AI so in the future you may see more and more AI video generator tools.

Currently, you should most probably go for a semi-auto AI video Generation tool like Invideo or Kapwing as it is a more optimized and fully working AI tool but in the future, you will be tools that completely generate random video generation from text or even voice.

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