Ideogram AI Image Generator Review / Usecase

Ideogram is a tool that is great at generating Text into images. It is fantastic to see the results it generates and its various usecases and I have discussed the same in this Video (It is in Hindi so if you want to know what I said you could read this blog)

What is Ideogram AI and Why it is different than others?

First of all, it is not an ordinary AI Image generator but a tool specialized in text-on-image generation. And above all of that it is free software currently but I highly doubt it will remain free forever and most probably it will be paid in the future.

Some Quick Features/Pros

  • It is Free and can be used responsibly
  • Generates great results
  • Three different ratios it can generate
  • Can be used for design, prints, and many other purposes


  • Generations are public and can’t be deleted
  • Currently not working properly in other languages (I tried to do it in my Language Hindi but not working)

My Testing Results

First of all, I tested with a very common text “Being Online is Fun” and surprisingly it was very good on my first try I do add one extra prompts that is minimalistic

Ideogram AI Image Generator Review / Usecase

Then I realized I needed to use a Typography filter to make it better or else it would generate normal images more. Images it generates are also quite good but there are some other better alternatives for Image Generation. Here my main focus is Text on Images

Ideogram AI Image Generator Review / Usecase

Then I tried to make Images but in my language “Happy Janmashtami” and “Ram Ram Sareyane” (Were trending Phrases in India)

The results were Bad and good at the same time It was definitely harder for a New AI to catch up with so much out-of-context text in a different language, one image was so perfect in my opinion. So What I understand is it will take much more time to learn how to capture exact phrases or maybe the developer bring some parameters to do so

However, when I tried to give simple wording and a kind of t-shirt design phase “Being Monster” & Rockstar Brother” the Results were fascinating and much better than the previous one

Use case of this tool

It can be used for designing simple quote posts, posters, and stories and can also be used for merch and t-shirts. If you do some tweaks and editing you can make a whole POD or esty store with it as well

Can even launch fully automated Quotes and Greeting Insta or TikTok pages with it

You can use it very creatively as long as ethically

I don’t think you can directly sell art generated on it so be careful with it


It is a much-needed tool for many as Simple non-text images are easy to generate but generating Images with Text is very hard Currently even Midjourney is not that optimized for it but this tool stands out in my view and it is still V1 it will be better and better in future giving us more advantages in creating graphics quicker and effectively

I would like this app to involve more into it with more styles and filters and maybe a custom ratio and sizes images in future I have seen there Discord and they have some great plans ahead including image deleting and private generation features

I like to explore such tools and it is very interesting to see such advancements Earlier I did not sponsor or affiliate it but if you want to see more of such tools or my updates would recommend joining my newsletter