7 Best Food Ordering system for restaurants

Whenever you think of making your own food app for a restaurant or QSR the best way to make it is with a website builder and a best food ordering system that supports the majority of features you want.

Days are gone when you have to build a high-cost website or do custom development from scratch today you just need a website builder with a restaurant feature and if you are not tech-savvy a good freelancer will do your work easily.

Wix Dine

Wix provides a very good restaurant solution for a food ordering system with a powerful website builder. It has all the necessary features required to run a restaurant online.


  • Menu Buillder
  • Marketing Integration
  • Table Reservation
  • Online pickup and delivery system
  • Phone orders
  • Many payment options
  • Apps For website and food ordering system to handle easily

Pricing: Restaurant solution Starts with business plans ( Wix Pricing Varies from country to country)

Other than that Wix has many other features for making the website further better and optimize like blog, gallery, etc.

SquareSpace with Tock

Square Space is for those who want an easy-to-use solution and don’t require any website developer help or needs

Many website owners want a full-fledged food ordering system but just a table reservation and events selling website. Well, then this is the best platform for you.


  • Most easy to use website builders
  • Table reservations
  • Event selling system
  • Many integrations
  • POS Integration
  • Customer analytics and segmentation

Pricing is very high compared to others as it is a premium builder and has many features it starts at 199$ per month

Gloria Food with WordPress

One of the oldest and most cost-effective solutions for creating a food ordering system with the help of WordPress and Gloria Food plugin. Well, more than 30000 website outlets run on this platform, and also it is very easy to use.


  • Unlimited orders without commision
  • Menu Builder
  • Many Payment options
  • Pickup, delivery and reservation all option available
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Scheduled Orders
  • Marketing integration and tools

Pricing: Start free and there are addons you have to purchase. For online payment acceptance or marketing enhancements. Also, you will need a WordPress site.


If you have a Square POS which is one of the most popular POS then creating a website with squareup should be the first priority as it has the best integrations and solutions for your restaurant website.


  • Free Website with POS
  • Delivery and pickup
  • Mobile payments
  • Menu management
  • Integrations
  • Many analytics and reports

Pricing: You have to purchase their POS and it is available in a limited country so check if available it is good to go with it as a full Solution. It is free to start


Upmenu is the highly focused managed food ordering system that helps in all aspects of your business. Well, this is a management-only restaurant-focused service so that is also featured.


  • Powerful website builder + own mobile app
  • All features of food ordering system
  • Marketing Integration
  • POS Integration
  • Loyalty program

Pricing starts from 49$ per month but it is worth considering it.


Shopify is primarily an e-commerce solution but it also has a restaurant solution and also POS solution you can use and integrate each other and can build a perfect e-commerce type food ordering website. Well, It is only good for pickup-type restaurants, not delivery.


  • Highly professional website builder
  • Pickup, delivery tipping functions
  • Many integrations
  • Seo Friendly and fast solution

Best if you have a quick 10-30 products restaurant and you will require some plugins and apps extra to make it work and might require a developer if totally new.

Pet Pooja

As I know my majority audience is from India. So, this is the best Indian solution for creating a large multiple outlet POS and website service provider that has also featured for leveraging Indian audience from payment or design.


  • Indian Solution overall POS and website builder
  • Integrate with indian food aggregators like Zomato, swiggy wtc.
  • Suitable for multiple outplet ( Price increase as outlet increases)
  • Powerful Menu builder
  • App integrations

So basically the Indian version of Square and more suitable being an Indian I have to include this solution for my audience.

Pricing starts at 10000rs per year and other addons and additional outlet cost

Note: It is a complete POS restaurant solution, not just a website builder.


My personal Choice will be Wix and WordPress with Gloria food as the best option to make the most cost-effective website well if you require an expert to help you out with it I am Available for all above mention list.

Contact me for developing your Restaurant website.

Apart from that you can build a custom solution or reach out to an agency for making and handling your website but most of them use the same white label solutions of the above mention builders and plugins.

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